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Better Than Link Building


What is Community Building?

We call our community building services Better Than Link Building because we really believe that you will enjoy better results and better value for your money than traditional link building services can offer. We employ a number of tactics to give your company a diverse profile on the web. We go about this by using a great content marketing strategy and social networks to connect and engage with your target audience wherever they are online.

Community building is better than link building because it

  • creates natural, high-quality links to your website;
  • increases your brand’s engagement and promotes awareness of your business;
  • offers insight into your market, your customers’ needs and the conversations that are happening.

Why you need backlinks

Backlinks, or inbound links are those on 3rd party sites that point back to your website. The links act as recommendations; each link is essentially a vote for your website. But not all links are created equal and some carry more weight than others. The more backlinks you have pointing to your site, the more Google views it as an authority site, and the better (in theory) that the site will rank in the search results.

While it can still be an effective strategy, it’s getting more difficult to convince Google that these artificially created backlinks are natural. And with Google incorporating personalized search results in the SERPs (search engine results pages), it’s becoming harder to target the top spots in the SERPs.

What’s wrong with traditional link building?

Traditional link building tactics that used to work, such as submissions to article directories, have been penalized. The link building process is time consuming and can be costly. Many businesses have hired the help of unethical SEO and link building companies who promised to deliver thousands of backlinks each month, only to receive serious penalties from Google for those very activities. These damages can be devastating to a business; it can take tens of thousands of dollars of consulting services to regain listings and lost months of lost revenue.

Link building depends upon the goodwill of other website owners to reach out and link to you. But what do people want to link to? Compelling, exciting or thought-provoking content. And because of the sharing nature of social media, people feel far freer to share posts or images, or recommend pages to their friends there than they do from their business’ main website.

We feel that implementing a superior content marketing strategy while building relationships and community will have much more staying power, and thus better ROI for you, than traditional link building.

How does community building work?

The name says it all. Community is long-lasting and reciprocal. It offers support and opens dialogue. We work to build relationships, not links. But when those relationships have been developed, the links are inevitable.

The community building process generates great content, which we could refer to as linkbait. Compared to link building, it can be less expensive and has the potential to attract thousands of backlinks if a piece of content goes viral. Good content is like a link magnet: create something that people want to share with their networks.

Our community building service works on this one simple principle: when people see great content, they will read it, share it and link to it. Those are exactly the types of backlinks you want to develop for your business. Google rewards original high quality content – the same type of content that your readers appreciate. If the content you regularly publish, people with share it, providing you with backlinks and valuable social signals.

How can we tell if it’s working?

We’ll provide you with a monthly report of our activities. You’ll know how many links were acquired, how often your content is shared, liked or commented on, what type of content is most popular, and recommendations for future content and campaigns. We’ll also work with you to identify a number of goals and KPIs so that we know that we’re tracking the right metrics.


If you’d like to learn more about exactly what these services entail, visit our Social Media Services and Content Marketing Services pages. Or contact us directly to discuss how community building can benefit your brand’s online presence.

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