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Web Site Analytics Knowledgebase

This knowledgebase is a compilation from a variety of well respected sources. We have devoted it to weeding through the plethora of information (and misinformation) about trends, current developments and other exciting news in the quickly expanding web analytics world. The page is divided into the following sections. Please feel free to offer suggestions for inclusion.

StepForth Web Marketing offers comprehensive web site analytics services. For more information please see our Web Site Analytics Section.

Issues in Analytics :: Overcoming Common Problems

Tutorials :: Videos and Webinars

  • Google Analytics Product Tour This is where it all begins. Watch this brief tour to learn how Google Analytics can help you buy the right keywords, target your best markets, and engage and convert more customers.
  • Google Analytics Interface Tutorial A brief overview of how to use the Google Analytics interface. If you are new to Google Analytics or you’d like to pick up a few tips on how to use some of the different features, this video is a good place to start.
  • Intro to Google Analytics A short Flash presentation from Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytics Getting Started.  Invaluable.
  • HTML Tutorials
    • HTML Beginner Tutorial This HTML Beginner Tutorial assumes that you have no previous knowledge of HTML or CSS. A step-by-step tutorial to HTML basics. If you’re completely new to web design, start here.
    • HTML Intermediate Tutorial Whereas the purpose of the HTML Beginner Tutorial was to teach the bare essentials, this guide adds a few nuts and bolts, which shouldn’t be particularly difficult as such, but will add a bit more to our understanding of HTML and enable us to do a few more things.
    • HTML Advanced Tutorial The aim of the HTML Advanced Tutorial is to show how to fully exploit the features of HTML and how to optimize it for accessibility.

Resources :: Sites, Blogs, Software and Tools

  • Google Analytics Home Page
  • Google Analytics Blog
  • Google Conversion University Presentations, clips, and instructional videos on using Google Analytics, Website Optimizer, and AdWords to improve your marketing and website.
  • Google Search-based Keyword Tool This tool provides keyword ideas based on actual Google search queries.
  • Google Insights for Search With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.
  • Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik. The definitive guru, mentor and evangelist for web analytics.  His blogs are tomes, filled with insight and intelligent comments.
  • Google Trends With Google Trends for Sites, you can compare the world’s interest in your favorite topics. Enter up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched on Google over time. Google Trends also shows how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and in which geographic regions people have searched for them most. To see it in action click here.
  • Advanced Web Metrics Blog Companion blog site for the book Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics by Brian Clifton.
  • (US only) Provides free information for every site on the Internet including site traffic history and competitive analytics. Avinash Kaushik provides an example here.
  • A robust online marketing suite, great resource for webinars or articles.
  • Search Engine specializes in a community approach to the reporting of search engine news & the sharing of Search Engine Marketing knowledge & tactics. A great resource.
  • Web Site Optimizer Blog The official Google Web Site Optimizer blog. The most up to date product news, industry insights and testing strategies.
  • Webshare Blog Here you’ll find posts on the topics of web design & traffic acquisition, paid and organic search strategies, analytics & business intelligence, conversion testing, interviews, videos and more.
  • The Web Analytics Association The Web Analytics Association leads and supports the members by providing quality education, developing standards and best practices, conducting research and advocating for issues that advance the industry.
  • Thematic, A WordPress Theme Framework Thematic is a free, open source, highly extensible search engine optimized WordPress Theme Framework featuring 13 widget-ready areas, grid-based layout samples, styling for popular plugins, and a whole community behind it. It’s perfect for beginner bloggers and WordPress development professionals.

StepForth Web Marketing offers comprehensive web site analytics services. For more information please see our Web Site Analytics Section.

Books :: Worthwhile Reads

Articles :: User Characterization

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