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How to Market on Content Voting Sites

The following are the top sites used for people to vote ‘on the fly’ for any content they find useful online. The resulting vote then adds the content or increases its visibility within each resource so that others have a chance to read the content. Once something has received a certain number of votes (this is a moving target) the visibility of the content may gain momentum as others have a chance to read and vote on it.

  1. Digg: currently one of the most popular social media websites in the world and has been known to focus on technology, politics and entertainment news. Users “digg” stories they like and, over time, posts with more diggs gain higher visibility.
  2. Reddit: posts are ranked on this site according to votes up or down, total votes, and the age of the post. Users can subscribe to specific sub-communities to follow only what is of interest to them.
  3. StumbleUpon: this community helps people discover interesting websites. Users select topics of interest and then “stumble” through pages recommended by others.

Associated Marketing Strategy
First a caution: it is crucial that you pay attention to the etiquette of these sites; otherwise your promotions could backfire and/or you could be banned. To read up on etiquette visit the associated help files for each site (i.e. How Digg Works) and the FAQ – these will give you the necessary background info to get you started.

To make these sites work for you I recommend participating in each group for a while in order to pick up on which articles do well and don’t do well in your selected industry. In addition, creating a respected profile by bookmarking new and interesting content and posting thoughtful comments on other people’s bookmarks will help to improve your chances of success on these sites. Once you have a respected profile, you can ask other respected users to check out your new content to see if they deem it worthy of a thumbs up. Whatever you do, I do not recommend voting on your own content due to the obvious bias and potential damage it could do to your profile’s reputation.

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  4. Content Voting Sites
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  7. Video Sharing Sites, and
  8. Photo Sharing Sites

You can also download our PDF called “Do it Yourself Social Media Marketing” created August 2012. Please note, any changes or updates that have occured on our website since then may not be reflected in this document.

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