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How to Market on Social Networking Sites

The following social networking sites experience a volume of activity unrivaled in the social media marketplace. These sites provide it all; personal blogs, videos, music, classifieds, mail, and much, much more.

  1. Facebook: this is a powerful platform for brands to build reputation and awareness, and encourage fans to be highly interactive with them. Facebook’s advertising is a good way to promote products, drive more likes on the page, or simply boost brand recognition.
  2.  Google+: this platform allows pages to put other users into groups and then disperse content only to relevant groups. Because it’s a product of Google, it’s integrated into search and easy to place a +1 button on any third-party sites. Page managers have access to comprehensive page analytics to monitor what’s working, and what isn’t.

Associated Marketing Strategy
These sites allow you to create a powerfully diverse and engaging web presence complete with photos, articles, and bookmarks. In other words you can actually brand your profile to make it unique to your brand; a powerful marketing capability (To view a great example see Starbuck’s Facebook page). Assuming the site is already done it is best to start linking to the site from key areas of the Internet so that the search engines will have no problem finding and indexing it. You can do this by linking to it from a social media section of your website; a section that I believe will be part of the status quo structure (as ubiquitous as the About Page) of all new websites in the near future.


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OR choose from the following directory:

  1. Social Networking Sites
  2. Business Networking Sites
  3. Social (Collaborative) Bookmarking Sites
  4. Content Voting Sites
  5. News Sharing Sites
  6. Collaborative Directories
  7. Video Sharing Sites, and
  8. Photo Sharing Sites

You can also download our PDF called “Do it Yourself Social Media Marketing” created August 2012. Please note, any changes or updates that have occurred on our website or on the Internet since then may not be reflected in this document.