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8) Troubleshooting Google Authorship & Staying Current With Changes


Troubleshooting Google Authorship Installation & Setup

Occasionally there will be goof-ups or unique issues that arise when setting up Google Authorship… Murphy has a tendency to abiding by only his law 😉 Just keep in mind Google does not guarantee your Authorship will show up in search results and that if the Structured Data Testing Tool shows everything is working then there is little you can do at this time to affect change.

All of that said here are a few tips for troubleshooting but keep in mind this is FAR from exhaustive so when possible I added links to supporting resources and I will update it when I can with additional issues and solutions:

  1. Ensure your Google Plus Profile is visible to search (it was visible by default so you would have disabled it before).
    a) Open your Google Plus Profile.
    b) Click on “Settings” at the bottom of the left-hand menu (the menu fly’s out when you hover over “Home >”
    c) Scroll down the page to the section titled “Profile” and enable “Help others discover my profile in search results”
    d) Done! Keep in mind if this setting was disabled originally it was definitely the key obstacle to success.If the above instructions do not work or no longer apply (things change quickly at Google) then try this support URL which they should update regularly: Change your profile’s search results setting.
  2. You must have a clear profile picture that shows your entire face so be sure that is the case or showing up in search results is highly unlikely. For example, if your photo is cropped and does not show the rest of your head above the brow then it would not likely be acceptable.
  3. If all else fails and you have not seen your picture in search results within a couple of months then go to this Google Product Forum and first read other Google Authorship incidents and how they were resolved and ultimately leave your own question if necessary.
  4. Don’t forget we are here to help! I and my team at StepForth can assist you with setup and troubleshooting for a fee; we designed the price of this service to be palatable for even the smallest businesses. We want you to succeed! Just submit a service inquiry for Google Authorship assistance and we will respond as soon as possible. – Ross Dunn, CEO.


How to Stay Current on Google Authorship

Authorship is already important but it is going to be one of the mainstays to having a successful Internet presence so it is important you keep up to date on what is happening on this topic. Here are a few options for doing so:

  1. We created a special list for anyone who wants specifically to be notified when this manual is updated or if other news on Google Authorship becomes available. Your email address will be kept strictly private, you will not receive any other email from any other topic, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Sign up for Google Authorship-only email updates here (the link takes you to an online form).
  2. Every week I host SEO 101 Podcast on WebmasterRadio.FM with my good friend and co-host John Carcutt  SEO 101 radio show logo - the show is hosted by veteran SEOs Ross Dunn and John Carcutt and it airs live every Monday at 2pm PST, 5pm EST on WebmasterRadio.fmwhere we discuss Authorship regularly along with other optimization tactics for increasing the visibility of your website. In fact, John Carcutt is one of the authorities on Authorship and implementation so you can bet you will get news fast and accurately from him on a regular basis.You can listen live at 2pm PST / 5pm EST on or download any of our past 150+ shows at iTunes or our home page any time. We also have a fantastic Community page on Google Plus where we have (at this time) just over 1000 members who ask and answer questions regularly on all things SEO; you are bound to learn a lot just reading it occasionally!


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