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6) Authorship Setup on, SquareSpace and Blogspot


Authorship Setup for a One-Author Site on

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If you currently have your site hosted for free on then adding rel=author is very simple but does require you to follow these steps closely:

1. Complete the process found in “What you Must Do Before Installing Rel=Author
2. Open Notepad and copy the following code into it. Then replace the red URL with your Google Plus profile URL and the name with your own:

<a href=”” rel=”author”>+Your Name</a>

A screenshot of the widget creation box within WordPress.com3. Login to your account and in the left-hand menu choose “Appearance” and then “Widgets”

4. In the Widgets page choose to add a “Text” widget  (half way down the page of optional widgets) by dragging it to the right-hand sidebar. It will automatically open allowing you to add a title and content.

5. In the Widget’s “Title” name this box “Authors”

6. In the box below “Title” copy and paste the code you just customized in #2 and then click SAVE.

7. Now when you look at your website you will see a box somewhere on the right-hand column of your page that says “Authors” followed by “+YourName”.

8. You are done! Just check to ensure this authorship has worked by using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. A live version of this implementation can be seen on this demo I created on


How to Setup Rel=Author on a SquareSpace Site

The SquareSpace logo

If you currently have your site hosted on SquareSpace they have made the implementation of Authorship very straight forward.

  1. Complete the process found in “What you Must Do Before Installing Rel=Author”
  2. Login to your account, go to your Site Manager and then click on the “Preview Mode” (shown by an Eye on the left hand menu).
  3. Click on your name within the “Preview Editor” that appears: your name (or alias if it is different) is shown next to your headshot at the bottom right of the screen and right below your name it will say “Logout”.
  4. In the resulting popup you will see your account information followed by a field where you are told to insert your Google Plus Profile URL. Save after doing so.
  5. Check your implementation using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.


The Blogspot LogoHow to Setup Rel=Author on a Blogspot Blog

If you currently have your site hosted on BlogSpot please follow these instructions:

1. Complete the process found in “What you Must Do Before Installing Rel=Author

2. Copy and paste the code shown below into your text editor and then substitute “put your Google Plus Profile URL here” with, well, your Google Plus Profile URL. <link rel="author" href="put your Google Plus Profile URL here" />

3. Now either you or your webmaster need to copy and paste this code into the template of your blogspot account within the <head></head> of the source code. If you don’t understand that last sentence then it is okay, just pass it along to a person with the necessary basic skills to make the change.

4. If you want to take a leap and do this yourself then:

a. “Go to Setting > Template > Edit your template as HTML”
b. Select all of the code (Ctrl+A) and paste it into a Notepad document and save it as a backup.
c. Go back to the template and look until you find the </ head> tag.
d. Immediately before that tag copy and paste the Google Plus Profile URL code you created in #2.
e. Save your file and check to ensure your blog is still working okay. If you see any major issues don’t panic! Just go back to the template again, select all and delete the code, then copy and paste your backup code into the page. Save, and then check online and everything will be back to normal. Next either follow this process again more carefully or call in some professional assistance.

5. Once the code is in place you need to verify everything is working by testing one of your blog post URLs in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

6. Assuming everything went well with the test you are now done!


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