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5) Sites With Multiple Authors: WordPress Plugin Options

There are a few plugins available for adding Google Authorship capabilities to a WordPress site for multiple authors which could make your life easier if you do not have a person you can trust to make the minor but necessary changes to your site.

Important: Before you can proceed remember you must complete the process found in “What you Must Do Before Installing Rel=Author

Here is a list from’s plugin directory but these are the two with the most positive feedback from my circles:

WordPress SEO by Yoast (5/5 from 2500+ users, 5.3m downloads)

Joost de Valk is the foremost leader in the development of useful marketing plug-ins for WordPress. In this case, the plugin I am touting is my hands-down favourite for the ongoing search engine optimization of any WordPress website and just so happens to have built-in rel=author functionality for multiple authors.

The trick Joost has added is a field within each Author’s WordPress Profile which allows them to add their Google Plus Profile URL which is then shown within each piece of content written by that author. By simply appending ?rel=author to their Google Plus Profile URL they then fulfill the necessary Google Authorship requirements; assuming they have already noted in Google Plus they are contributing to the said blog. The following is an example of my own profile on our site and you can see where the additional fields were added which have extended the capability of WordPress to promote my social presence; the main piece of interest being the Google Plus field.

Here is an article from Joost (pronounced Yoast) walking through the functionality and some other great capabilities he worked in for Authorship. IMPORTANT TIP: if you are converting from another SEO wordpress plugin to Yoast’s plugin then pay close attention to the incredibly simple and helpful importing options Joost has built-in to his system; with a simple click you can import all of your settings from popular plugins like All-in-One-SEO and HeadSpace.

AuthorSure (5/5 from 22 users, 45,968 downloads)

This is a highly regarded plugin which focuses entirely on authorship integration.


Plugin Users Beware

Many people install WordPress plugins to add functionality to their sites without much thought; however, each plugin installed does create an additional vulnerability to hacking and can slow down your website.

Consider these rules:

  1. Install only the plugins you absolutely need and always consolidate when you can find a great plugin that fulfills the objectives of multiple plugins (like WordPress SEO by Yoast).
  2. Upgrade plugins regularly! This goes for your WordPress installation as well but you may want to spend some time researching any side-effects which could result from upgrading. I say this because I have experienced instances where upgrading to the latest version of WordPress caused havoc on my site. The updates for WordPress are generally a very good idea but in some instances you may find it worthwhile to wait for issues to shake out with the latest version before upgrading.
  3. Delete any plugins that are installed but are not active because even when inactive the plugins are potential entry points for hackers.
  4. If you are concerned a particular plugin is causing speed issues on your website, or perhaps you don’t know but want to test out your theory try running site speed test before and after disabling it. If you see a major discrepancy (even half a second is significant) then you should either find a better plugin or remove it and if you must have the functionality then get a developer to build it in to your site so a plugin is not necessary.

Here are some more resources on how to keep your WordPress installation fast without using a plugin:

Here are some more resources on how to improve WordPress security to minimize/avoid successful hacks:

Other services and plugins to consider if you wish:


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