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2) What You Must Do Before Installing Rel=Author

Before you can do any implementation you need to create a Google Plus account (if you haven’t already) and copy your profile URL into notepad or some other program you can copy and paste from later on. Here is a quick tutorial on this process:

1)      Setup a Google Plus Profile using your real name:

2)      After setup when you are looking at your new page click on the “Profile” button found on the left-hand navigation.

A screenshot of the location of the Profile button in the left-menu of Google Plus

3)      Next look at the address bar on your web browser and copy the shown URL but leave out “/posts”

A screenshot depicting the portion of the URL to copy from the Google Plus profile URL

4)      Open Notepad or some kind of text editor on your computer and paste the URL you just copied which is your direct Google Plus Profile URL.

5)      You now have your Google Plus Profile URL which will be used in all but one of the implementation scenarios covered in this manual. Save this file somewhere on your computer where you can access it easily; the desktop is a good bet.

6)      Next go to your Google Plus Profile, select “About” in the top navigation and scroll down the page until, on the right-hand column you see “Links”.  In that box click on “Edit”

A screenshot showing the location of the Links section of your Google Plus Profile page while in edit mode

7)      Now go to the Contributor section and add a link to the website you are implementing Authorship and click save.

8)      Congratulations! You are ready to move on to implementation.


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