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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Yahoo Third Quarter Results

Yahoo LogoI wrote about Google’s third quarter results last week, and yesterday Yahoo released theirs. While their revenues are up as compared to the third quarter of 2007, Yahoo will be moving forward with layoffs.

In Q3 of 2007 revenues at Yahoo were a reported $1.768 billion. In the same quarter for 2008 they are seeing a figure of $1.786 billion – up about $22 million. As a percentage, this is very small, but growth none the less. Read more…

Pause Button Pressed on Yahoogle

As the time for implementation of the Google/Yahoo agreement drew near, there was little doubt that some sort of action by the US Dept. of Justice would surface. It remains to be seen what direction the DOJ will go, but there is obviously something happening behind the scenes.

On Friday, both search engine giants announced a delay in moving this initiative forward. This move seems contrary to the previous position of Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, which indicated that the deal would proceed as planned. Read more…

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Yahoo Opens Doors in Grenoble France

Yahoo has opened up another location, this time with a research center in Grenoble France. This follows shortly after news that Yahoo may also be opening up a location in La Vista Nebraska creating at least 50 news jobs.

Layoff notices for more than 1000 employees were also handed out near the start of the year, and Yahoo’s shares have just hit a 52 week low – interesting that they are expanding in all this turmoil.

Regardless, it looks like the new facility will employee 220 engineers and be Yahoo’s biggest center in France. The French minister of economy is offering sizable tax credits for research based operations, which helps to explain the choice of location.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

August Search Marketshare

The latest search market share figures are in at Nielsen, ComScore, and HitWise, and, for the most part, Google continues to rise.

Depending on which provider you prefer, Google saw yet another increase in market share in August as did Yahoo. MSN has dropped according to all three providers. Read more…

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Yahoo Hires Former Microsoft Exec

In an effort to help out Yahoo with its revenue problems, Yahoo has hired Joanne Bradford, a former Microsoft Corp. Executive.

Yahoo announced the recent hire in a press release Tuesday. Bradford was Microsoft’s head of their Media Network and resigned back in March after a 7 year stint with the software giant. She then joined Spot Runner Inc as their Executive Vice President of National Advertising Services before being swept up by Yahoo. Read more…

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Ad Views: Myspace Surpasses Yahoo

According to Reuters, MySpace saw more advertiser ad views in June than Yahoo! Yahoo may be the second biggest search engine on the planet, but when it comes to advertising it saw 34.7 billion ad views compared to MySpace which saw 51 billion views. (figures are from a press release issued by ComScore last week).

Yahoo does have the power to draw more revenue out of their ads and still leads MySpace in terms of revenue. Typically in the realm of social media, ad impressions do not necessarily equal dollars.

“Social media gets all these ad impressions but not necessarily get the dollars,” said Colin Gillis, analyst at Canaccord Adams. “MySpace’s cost per thousand (CPM) page views are significantly lower than that of Yahoo”.

Back in June MySpace unveiled a redesign of their home page which has opened to doors to larger sponsors such as Wendy’s and Sprint. While it is too soon to say that MySpace has overtaken Yahoo in the ad wars, this definitely shows that at this rate, they aren’t far from it. Look out Yahoo!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

So Long Yahoo Mash

Including features that are commonly found on other networks like Facebook and MySpace, Yahoo Mash was Yahoo’s beta attempt at the Social Networking scene.

I have to ask the question “where have I been?” It was not long ago that I reported on the demise of Windows Live Expo, a classified ad platform that I had never heard of until its doors were closed. Now, I hear of the loss of Yahoo Mash, another entity that, well, I didn’t know existed until I read a twitter post from Lee Odden noting that its shutting down. Read more…

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Yahoo to setup shop in Nebraska?

According to ABC 9 Eyewitness News, Yahoo has applied for a huge state tax break to help them setup shop in La Vista NE.

In order to qualify for the tax breaks Yahoo would have to create at least 50 jobs with an average salary of at least $68,700, and invest $100 million over a four year period.

The Application for these tax breaks is no guarantee of Yahoo’s plans to build in Nebraska. Its interesting that with all the financial trouble Yahoo seems to be having, that they may be willing to move forward with such a huge development.

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Yahoo Interface Indents

Is there a new interface in the works for Yahoo? Search Engine Roundtable reports August 19th on grouped or indented search results.

“In the past, Yahoo never ever indented search results. In fact, in the past I thought they did do indenting and then stopped, but Yahoo told me that they have never grouped results.

Many search results, including a search for search engine roundtable return grouped results now. Here is a picture:”

by Bill Stroll, Sales Manager, StepForth Web Marketing Inc.
Celebrating over 10 years of web marketing excellence.

Today is the first day of the 2008 Olympics from Beijing China and Yahoo has made it incredibly easy for us to track the medal standings. Now, when you perform a search in Yahoo for “Olympic medals” at the top of the search result pages you’ll see the standings for the top 5 countries along with a “more” link to see the full results.

This year there will be no need to surf and hunt through various news and olympic sites as the medal standings have never been easier to find.