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With all these changes surrounding Yahoo and the new Overture Site Match system, where do you stand to get the best bang for you buck as a small business?

First a quick glance at the new Site Match system. It is based on a combination of cost-per-click and paid inclusion. For $49 you can submit the first page to Site Match, for subsequent pages the cost is reduced. Read more…

We’re still calling people and trying to root out the information. Here is a press release forwarded by Ana, a spokesperson for the PR firm Fleishman Heller…

Yahoo! Search Launches New Content Acquisition Program, Providing More Relevant, Comprehensive Online Content For Users Read more…

I am still looking for more information on this one and have been on hold at Yahoo for several minutes now. A major change in pricing and distribution has been announced but, after reading several items relating to these changes, all we know is that we don’t know enough to piece together an informative piece. We’re obsessing on this one today so expect a few more postings and finally a real answer.

As searchers become more sophisticated, the search engines are forced to evolve to keep up with the changing times.

During a session at WebmasterWorld’s Publishers Conference VI, Tim Mayer from Yahoo! Search explained how Yahoo! has improved its abstracts, the presentation of its results pages, and how it has developed a new algorithm designed specifically to focus on longer query searches using more terms. Read more…

ZNet writer Stephanie Olsen has uncovered a terribly interesting story. Why do you think Yahoo spent so much money buying AltaVista, AlltheWeb and Inktomi if it is simply going to develop its own search engine with its own database? For the intellectual properties associated with the patents their acquisitions hold. Read more…

This is actually last week’s news but last week was busier than expected so it did not make it to the BLOG.

Yahoo is currently drawing results from Inktomi and filtering those results through its own algorithm. As of April 15, Yahoo will be drawing from its own paid-inclusion search database.

Yahoo has not released details regarding costs and coverage but we expect to hear some numbers sooner than later.

Thursday, February 26th, 2004

New Trends in Search Engines and SEO

The past year has been one of major transition in the search engine industry. Changes to the landscape have been enormous with mergers, acquisitions, and the easing of several formerly big-players out of the sector or, in the case of AltaVista, Lycos and LookSmart, into the minor leagues. We’ve seen new technologies and revenue models being tested by search firms, along with fresh promises of personalized ad-delivery through contextual placement. While there is no end in sight for changes in this evolving medium, this is a good time to examine the impact of such upheaval on the state of website marketing and search engine placement. Read more…

Thursday, February 19th, 2004

Changes in submission rules at Yahoo

We received this email this morning. Still looking into it to see what costs will be…

Dear Priority Submit customer.

This is an important notification in relation to the following services:

1. Inktomi Search Submit

2. AltaVista Express Submit

3. Fast PartnerSite

4. Summary

1. Inktomi Search Submit

Yahoo! Search has transitioned to its own search technology and is preparing to launch a new inclusion program. Read more…

Yahoo unleashed the biggest surprise of the year today with the formal introduction of their own search engine. While the vast majority of search engine analysts were expecting Yahoo to simply adopt results from the powerful Inktomi database, Yahoo has been quietly and apparently quite effectively developing their own spider, database and ranking algorithms. Last month, Yahoo CEO Terry Semel announced that Yahoo would be moving away from results licensed from Google’s database by the end of this quarter. Read more…

Thursday, February 19th, 2004

Yahoo meta tag and title rules

Yahoo has introduced it’s own search engine! Here’s a few rules to follow to keep Yahoo happy… Read more…

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