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There have been a great deal of news since last week’s issue on the advent of Google’s controversial Gmail system created to compete with Yahoo! Mail and MSN’s Hotmail. The news can be summarized quickly; upheaval.

Here are some examples of what has occurred since our last newsletter (April 7):
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Thursday, January 15th, 2004

Improving Your Image on Google

Yesterday’s Toronto Star ran a story about the perils of being “Googled” before a romantic date. If there is any embarrassing information about you online and your real name is attached to it, chances are it can be found fairly easily in Google. As most people don’t realize, information your put on the Internet or that is put on the Internet about you can stick around for years after it is posted. You will have likely forgotten about it, but it is still there waiting for someone to find it… The same phenomena can effect job interviews, media relationships and your child’s perception of you as a responsible role-model. We at StepForth synopsize with people in this position as our names all all over the Internet and each of us get “Googled” fairly frequently in our interactions with potential clients and contacts. Read more…

On December 5th 2003, Search Engine Optimization Inc. published and broadcast a newsletter in which the second article bore a striking resemblance to one of ours. Read more…

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