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If you have decided to start a PPC Campaign with AdWords and Overture, and don’t know where to start on selecting keywords, here are some ideas. Read more…

As the competition for search engine placement becomes increasingly competitive more and more small website owners are turning towards Pay Per Click advertising to draw the much needed traffic.

But as this new means of advertising also becomes more popular, keyword click-through rates are rising. This medium, once inexpensive, can be a very costly means of generating traffic. Read more…

So you have just opened the doors to your new online business. You website is still too new to generate any traffic from the search engines. So while you are waiting for your site to be spidered and indexed, what can you do to start driving customers through the doors? Read more…

In the battle for search engine placement across all organic listings, that golden spot of number one is top priority, and for good reason. That may not hold true in the realm of pay per click advertising. What many people may not know, is that the number one spot, although it typically grabs the highest click through’s, may not always be the most cost effective. Here’s why. Read more…

Wednesday, January 21st, 2004

Smaller, (2nd Tier) PPC Search Tools

Everyone knows about PPC Advertising on Google and Overture. But what about the smaller second tier engines like FindWhat, Kanoodle, GoClick, or any of the other dozens out there? Is it worth your time and money to bother with any of these small fish? Read more…

Last Monday I received an Email from the Wall St. Journal. Since this is something that doesn’t happen every day, and, since the WSJ has already run the article with a quote from our correspondence, I thought it would be nice to share the email exchange with the world. :)

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Thursday, September 4th, 2003

FindWhat.Com purchases MIVA

More interesting developments in the world of SE business…

MIVA, the popular shopping basket system has been purchased by PPC search tool FindWhat.Com. While being a fine PPC search tool, FindWhat.Com has never been a major player on the search engine scene however they are a notable entity. Why would they purchase MIVA?

StepForth staff have two guesses.

-> The first is FindWhat.Com wants to challenge Google’s new E-Commerce search tool, Froogle with their own E-Com tool.

-> The second guess has FindWhat.Com bulking itself up to make a more attractive acquisition target for a larger player such as MSN or, even Google itself.

The one thing we are pretty sure of is that this round of mergers and acquisitions is going to continue into 2004.

According to a recent study from Maryland-based, Context-Based Research Group, three of five search engine users can not tell the difference between a paid listing and the traditional un-paid listings. In May 2002, the US Federal Trade Commission developed voluntary guidelines for search engines to follow that were supposed to clarify for end-users which ads were paid and which were organic, (or free). Read more…

Wednesday, August 20th, 2003

Overture Goes Deep

Overture has introduced a new feature that will allow its paid advertisements to come up under a wider range of keyword phrases. Advertisers will be able to choose between two unique listing formulas, Phrase Match and Broad Match. Phrase Match will allow listings to be displayed when a portion of a keyword phrase appears in the search-user’s request. For instance, when a search engine user types “Good Toronto Tours”, a site with the keyword phrase Toronto Tours would be displayed. Currently, advertisers bid on specific keywords and phrases and only appear when that phrase is entered directly. The other option, Broad Match will serve a listing when a portion of a keyword phrase is used in the search query, regardless of the order of words. For example, “Tours of Toronto Ontario” would produce a site bidding on the keywords Tours, Toronto or Ontario.

- Jim Hedger

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