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It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Lycos. Long lost amidst the choppy seas of corporate change, Lycos was once one of the ruling elite. Today, Lycos appears to be a number of fragmented shells of its former self. That might be changing soon though. Read more…

Something interesting is happening at the Googleplex. Just a week after publicly slapping BMW for using cloaking and doorway techniques, Google has confirmed a much larger penalty it applied in 2004 against what was once one of the largest SEO firms in the world, Traffic Power. When an SEO firm gets its own site banned from Google it is somewhat interesting but not terribly newsworthy. It becomes an enormous story when that firm’s client list is banned from the index.

About eighteen months ago, Google assigned a penalty against Las Vegas based Traffic Power setting off a chain of events that continue to affect the SEO community to this day. Read more…

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Lycos Responds to Lights out Rumour

Yesterday I printed a rumour circulating through the search marketing world that Lycos was giving up the ghost of organic search. The story stemmed from a blog posting from John Battelle who I consider to be one of the most credible and well informed observers in the sector.

This morning, Lycos Director of Public Relations, Kathy O’Reilly, sent me an email in response to the article. Read more…

Many thanks to the readers and responders who nominated our blog as one of the top search engine optimization related blogs of 2005. In the end, we did not win however, we feel honoured to have been nominated and are pretty much pleased with the results. Read more…

The StepForth SEO Blog been nominated for an award from Search Engine Journal. That’s a nice way to start a Friday morning after a long and busy week. Huge thanks from StepForth to those who nominated us. That was the easy part. Now, anyone interested in voting for their favourite blogs has a much harder task ahead of them.

A quick scan of the nominees shows a number of well written and highly informative blogs readers can cast their ballot in support of, separated into five categories. Participants are asked to rank each nominee on a scale of 1 – 5 with 5 being the highest score.

Best Search Engine News Blog

Pandia | MarketingPilgrim | | Search Engine Lowdown | Search Views | John Battelle Search Blog | Search Engine Watch Blog | Threadwatch | Google Blogoscoped | Search Engine Roundtable | Research Buzz | Top Rank Blog

Best SEO Blogs

StuntDubl | FishSEO | SEOMoz | SEO SpeedWagon | TextLinkBlog | SEO Black Hat | SEO by the SEA | Jim Boykin’s Blog | Link Building Blog | Stepforth SEO Blog | Matt Cutts Blog | Greg Boser’s WebGuerrilla | SEO Book

Best Search Engine Owned Blogs

Yahoo Search Blog | Ask Jeeves Blog | MSN Search Weblog | Google Blogs (All of them)

Best Search Engine Marketing and Contextual Advertising Blogs:

AdRants | Did-It Frog Blog | Got Ads? | JenSense | Google AdWords and Adsense Blogs (in general) | Marketing Vox | ProBlogger | Traffick.Com

Best Blog Search Engine Blogs Blog | IceRocket Blog | Daypop Weblog | Feedster Blog | BlogDigger Development Blog | blogpulse Newswire | Blog Search Engine | Technorati Weblog

As you can see, there is some stiff competition in the SEO Blog category. If you are interested in voting, please visit the Search Engine Journal’s 2005 Best of Search Blogs Awards at To anyone who participates, thanks for voting. And to other nominees, thanks for writing and sharing your information with others in the industry. Hopefully we can all teach each other another thing or two in 2006.

About two weeks ago, Google Europe announced sweeping changes in its relationships with advertising agencies involved in paid-search marketing. According to a press release issued by Google on September 28, “Under the Google European Third Party program, Google will deliver training, tools and support to third parties, enabling them to deliver more value to their clients.” Read more…

SurfWax’s Site-Specific Search Tool

SurfWax, a Menlo Park based software developer, has introduced an anticipatory onsite search tool known as LookAhead that makes looking for and finding information on most websites much simpler. Read more…

Friday, August 19th, 2005

The First SEO Republic Forumed

To phrase it in as juvenile a way as I possibly can, I think search engine spam sucks. I think the use of, and subsequent macho bragging about, spammy SEO techniques is detrimental to the SEO/SEM industry as a whole. I have a number of reasons for staking this position, none of which I intend to outline below. I have an even greater concern surrounding spam, search engines, and the nature of the SEO/SEM sector I wish to write about today. Read more…

Tuesday, August 9th, 2005

Google's Bad PR Day

Three bad headlines sitting on the fence,
One fell over and made them look dense,
Another fell over and they started to spin,
and that’s where the power of media comes in.

It must have been a Monday. Read more…

Yahoo announced its index of spidered sites now tops 20 billion online objects with about 19.2 billion documents and 1.6 billion images.

While relevance matters far more than size, Yahoo’s index dwarf’s that of rival Google which claims to contain 11.3 billion objects including 8.2 billion web pages and 2.1 billion images.