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Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the fifth largest in North America . There are more people in this city than there are in the entire province of British Columbia. It is also my home town so I was more than pleased to be asked to speak at the Toronto Search Engine Strategies Conference again this year. Read more…

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

The mainstream media, circa 2014

With the New York Search Engine Strategies Conference in its final day, the search news this week has been quietly dominated by Yahoo and Ask Jeeves. One of the themes at this year’s SES conference is Blogging, Public Relations and the Media. In light of interest in Blogs, the media and search, we are pleased to bring you this spot of infotainment.

A somewhat disquieting eight minute short film made by a psychology student at the Georgia Institute of Technology is being passed around SEM related forums today. EPIC2014 offers a short history of how advances in search technology effected mainstream news reporting. As the film is set in the future year 2014, much of the “history” is speculative though the pre-2005 history is accurate.

I just left the Optimizing for Flash and Non-HTML session. Gregory Markel from Infuse Creative announced (on Macromedia’s behalf) that Macromedia has formed a focused project group to address issues with SEO and FLASH. This announcement was backed by Karen Howe, founder of Singing Fish who is also working with Macromedia on FLASH/SEO solutions.

Gotta get to the next session: Writing for Search Engines.

more soon.

Hi All,

I am at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Toronto. This is my first post from the conference and there is a lot to talk about. The show itself is extremely well organized and the weather in Toronto is beautiful. I have spent most of my time speaking with whomever I can find to speak with. The first two sessions I attended were dealt with basic SEO topics with the more advanced sessions being held this afternoon and tomorrow. This afternoon I will be attending a session regarding PPC campaigns. More later, sessions are about to begin again.