Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

The power of Twitter chats

If you don’t know about Twitter chats, or you have never participated in one, you’re missing out. Twitter chats are scheduled discussions that happen on a regular basis – usually weekly. They’re set up by a moderator and each chat usually has a loosely set topic to keep participants on track. Moderators sometimes ask a feature guest to participate; this is usually someone in the industry that people will jump at the chance to ask questions of.

If you’re new to Twitter chats, be prepared to be overwhelmed the first few times you attend. Depending on how popular a particular chat is, it can be virtually impossible to keep up with everything that’s being said. That’s exactly why most moderators will record the chat and make a transcript available shortly afterward.

Here’s why we love Twitter chats:

Make new connections

Twitter chats are the perfect way to network with others who are in your field or have similar interests. Read more…

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single place that offered insightful, useful tips on all of the social platforms we love? Well now there is. It’s called The site was launched (by us!) this week. It is based on a crowd sourced model and will allow anyone who logs in the ability to leave their own tips on a variety of popular social media platforms.

What’s so Great about Social Media Tips?


Tips are Current

Isn’t it frustrating when you try and figure out how to do something, and you come across how tos that were written several years ago? Irrelevant social media tips are everywhere and are not helpful. This site will allow people to flag out of date information and post their own updated tips. Read more…

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Better than Link Building

Is there really something better than link building? It should, after all, only be a piece of your inbound marketing strategy. The fact is you still need to generate backlinks and you need to maintain a consistent link velocity (the rate at which you acquire links). StepForth has recently moved from offering professional link building services to something we like to call Better than Link Building. It’s a change that we’re all pretty excited about..

Better than Link Building is a way to actively engage with your company’s target audience, build brand recognition, monitor and respond to your niche, all while building natural backlinks.

Here are the problems with traditional link building methods: Read more…

There are a lot of articles out there that provide advice on how to develop a strategy for Twitter, however once you have a strategy, it can be challenging to implement if you don’t know HOW to act on the tactics. This article discusses several key objectives we all want to do on Twitter and how to go about putting them in to play.

Please note: this post will not define Twitter marketing strategy. Instead, it will show you the best ways to make Twitter work for you so you can achieve your objectives.

How to Find New Followers

  • Look at who is following your competitors. Scan their past tweets and see what they have been tweeting about. If relevant to you, follow them and engage them by responding to one of their tweets or RTing something valuable they’ve posted.
  • Find a link that is a hot topic to do with your industry, enter it on Topsy and see who has been tweeting about it. For example, say I was looking for new followers interested in elephants. I come across this article titled “The Last Day of the Elephant Female.” I enter this link into Topsy, and out pops all people that have tweeted about it. If you highlight over the tweeters, it allows you to follow them directly from Topsy.

  Read more…

The cover for the documentary movie "Elephants Never Forget"I have been working with an organization called Elephants Never Forget for the past few months helping them raise awareness on the plight of Asian elephants; StepForth takes a great interest in assisting charities and non-profits with marketing and this is my project. In order to gain interest and increase their numbers on Facebook, I’ve stuck to the following 4 key tactics that have proved to be quite successful. Below outlines the specific tactics I used. These relate directly to our campaign; however the principles can be used for any page working to build their fans. Read more…

The Official Kony2012 poster - click here to download their press kitI have always been fascinated with how fast things can spread on social media and how this can be used for social good. Recently a campaign has exploded online which I’m sure you have heard of by now – Kony 2012. It’s a campaign put on by the Invisible Children, a non profit organization in the US. They’ve sparked this campaign through a 30 minute video (see it embedded below). The video has only been out since Monday and its unbelievable what has come of it. As of Wednesday night they had over 15 million views (that’s only 3 days of it being online) with their YouTube and Vimeo video combine. And they’ve got people talking! Opinions are flying, sharing and liking and tweeting are going crazy in the social sphere. Read more…

Today Google announced a dramatic change in the format of search results coming to your browser in a steady roll-out across English results. The change is called Google Search Plus the World which will present users logged in to Google with search results mingled with a myriad of socially derived results from friends on Google Plus.

UPDATED January 13th: this article is being updated regularly 

Haven’t we Seen this For a While Now?

This may sound similar to what you have seen over the past while where certain results had a profile shot of a friend next to them because your friend had recently given it a social nod (liked, +1’d, etc.) but this is far more intense. The new additions are opt-out only and include any of the following content showing in results if it is relevant: images, video, and websites. In addition, these results can also include semi-private and private content such as content shared with you via a limited circle in Google Plus or directly from someone in your network; note that does not mean this is visible to anyone else on Google so don’t get freaked about privacy unless you plan on leaving your browser logged in to your Google profile.

Here is the official (and rather cool) video Google used to demonstrate the functionality all Google users will soon see: Read more…

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

The Importance Of Social Search

Social Search can be approached from two angles; both equally important for businesses. There’s micro-searching — this includes using social media to connect and engage with people based on keyword, location, and niche. And then there’s macro social search… essentially, how it’s affecting search engines like Google. In this article I will give you three areas of mirco social searching to focus on, how best ot use them, and give an overview of where I think social search optimization is going.

Micro Searching

Micro searching is a great way of connecting and reaching out across social media to increase your audience. These searches include different twists on the classic search and each of which will be explained individually.

Geo- Targeting: Being able to locate people and updates which have been sent within an “X mile radius” really does mean you can restrict your searches to only the most relevant distances and topics for you. Fantastic if you are holding an event in a town and want to get locals involved or if you have a product that you need local people to buy or use. MarketMeSuite is social media dashboard which lets you have all of your social network accounts in one place. And, most importantly, lets you target your tweet searches to location and using specific words using a feature called “Reply Campaigns”. You can target within 1000 miles of a specific location. All you have to do is type in either the city, county, zip code, postal code to get location of your choice. The keyword selection also means you can target the words that you feel will be most used in your niche topic. Read more…

The foursquare logo and the foursquare save buttonToday Foursquare  announced their own social button to add to websites and it seems this is one many businesses should pay attention to. Yes, that’s right, another button to add to your site…

What is Foursquare’s new “Save” button for and how does it work?

Foursquare’s new save button is meant for websites of businesses with physical locations (such as shops, restaurants, tourist activities, etc. ) in order to allow online users to add the location to their queue of places to visit next time they are in that geographic area. The idea is quite brilliant and I predict it will have the necessary kick to move Foursquare into bigger leagues sooner than later. This positive outlook for Foursquare is greatly improved from my impression of the service (which I was an early adopter of) over the past while; which has been lackluster at best since Facebook and Google launched similar check-in services. Read more…

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Happy American Thanksgiving!!

To all of our friends, family, colleagues and clients the Staff at StepForth Web Marketing would like to wish you a phenomenal, turkeylicious Thansgiving Holidays!!

Wait for your month! says the Thanksgiving Turkey to Santa Claus