In a few hours I will be boarding a small, single prop sea plane (likely a DeHavilland DHC3 Otter) for a short hop across the Georgia Strait into downtown Vancouver. There, I will be met by Frank Klassen and Bruno Hoffman, co-founders of Vancouver based Search Engine Business World, a conference and planning organization formed to educate Canadian businesses about search engine marketing.

Tomorrow, I will be speaking at the downtown campus of Simon Fraser University addressing topics ranging from a brief history of search to the latest tools and trends in search marketing. I am not certain if registration is still available but if you find yourself in Vancouver tomorrow morning and are in the mood for some informative fun, SFU Downtown is the place to be.

While in Vancouver, I have some spare time tonight and tomorrow afternoon. If any StepForth client or reader is interested in having a coffee, please feel free to call our office (1-877-385-5526) or email to arrange a time.

The banner across the top of the site reads, “In a World of Conflict, the Truth Must Survive”. Below the banner, we see a twenty-two year old image of a dead man, minutes before he met his fate. The image, captured by Israeli photographer Alex Levac in 1984, shows a Palestinian hijacker being led away by Israeli Defense Forces. Minutes after the shot was taken, the hijacker was dead. The official story issued by Israeli authorities said the hijacker was already dead when the IDF found him. The story illustrates the importance of war correspondence in an environment where the greatest casualty is almost always the truth. Read more…

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

Correction to yesterday's post

Hi folks,

I made a critical error in my piece on Lycos yesterday, one that has left me with the writer’s equivalent to the blue-screen of death, the red-face of embarrasement. Yesterday I noted that Lycos owns Wired Magazine. That is not true. Wired Magazine is a Conde Nast publication.

Lycos owns Wired News.

Sorry about the error.

A report in today’s Financial Times says, “Yahoo has called for broad co-operation among internet, media and communication companies and the US government to counter Chinese censorship on the web.”

The company is calling on the other tech giants, along with the US Government to take a harder, collective stand against Chinese Government censorship of the web. Read more…

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

The Final Telegram

The beginning of our era ended almost two weeks ago. The last Western Union telegram was sent on Friday January 27th.

Western Union has a long and storied history. Though the company continues to thrive as a money-transfer service, it was among the first public-access electronic communications providers. Within a decade of its founding it was certainly the largest. As the company grew, it developed and introduced a number of communications technologies, each revolutionary for its time. Read more…

For almost a full year we have been preaching a brand of search engine optimization that quotes heavily from the gospel of Usability. Under our marketing philosophy, sites should be designed and optimized in order to make transit from any given entry point (not necessarily the index page) to the desired goals and expectations of both visitors and site owners, as simple and intuitive as possible. Read more…

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

Great Geek Joke

I saw a hilarious Geek-joke while reading the forums over at Search Engine Watch. It came from the signature used by SEW member Vayapues and, while it might be as old as the hills, it is the first time I’ve read it. Short, sweet and just punny enough to make me giggle every time I re-read it.

“10 types of people in the world. Those who know binary and those who don’t.”

Thanks Vayapues

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Google Tags onto Web2.0 Theory

Google appears to be experimenting with social tagging and expanded bookmarking; leading some to conclude that if successful, Google might integrate user-input data into future organic algorithms.

Last Sunday (January 30), Google released the fourth version of its toolbar for Internet Explorer (a Firefox version is scheduled to be released soon). Two of the features embedded in the toolbar suggest Google is moving towards incorporating views expressed by its users into its methodology for factoring search results. Read more…

For fans of US Football, the most important annual television event kicks off early Sunday afternoon, live from Motor City USA, Detroit. The Super Bowl is the biggest yearly sporting event in North America, rivaled only by European Football’s World Cup. More viewers are expected to watch the game for three hours on Sunday than are expected for any other scheduled program or event. That makes the commercial spots, which are billed higher than for all other time-slots, extremely important for the advertisers who purchase them. Read more…

Fierce windstorms have plauged Southern Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia for the past five days. Last night’s storm was the worst by far causing blackouts over much of the region.

StepForth’s downtown Victoria office is up and running again however several of our workers who telecommute (myself included) awoke to find our homes and home offices were without power. Suffice it to say we are compensating the best we can. Read more…