Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Google Snatches YouTube

Occasionally rumor becomes reality! This October 9th, 2006, Google agreed to purchase YouTube for 1.6 billion in swapped stock. Here are the main points of the sale:

  • YouTube will stay separate and short of working in an air of unrestrained giddiness the YouTube offices will be business as usual.
  • The purchase provides Google shareholders with a fantastic media portal and a great software platform that is in sync with Google’s mandate of organizing the world’s information.
  • Other than the obvious financial benefit, YouTube will now have Google’s resources to become bigger and better.

This purchase has been approved by both companies and expects to close in the fourther quarter of 2006.

Source: Google’s Press Release

I hope all of you experienced an excellent weekend full of family, and friends, swirled in the aroma of oven-baked turkey! I had a wonderful holiday weekend with my fiancee, my family, and hers; I ate and drank far too much and I am certain I set my workout routine a few paces back :-)

In any case, I just wanted to wish you all a great short week full of profit and fun. Now it is time for me to get back to work and get our blog caught up with the times – among many other things.

All the best.

Online calendars have been available for many years now but the calendar-sharing feature that Google has included in Google Calendar has opened the door to a great a form of social marketing that is bound to make waves and possibly increase your bottom line.

What is Google Calendar?

If you are not a GMail user or even a fan of Google you may not know what I am talking about so here is some background. GMail is Google’s free web-based email program, which has many features that has helped it create a significant user base. After the emergence of Google Mail (GMail), Google launched a number of additional free applications for Gmail users, which culminated in a combined solution called Google Apps . One of these applications is Google Calendar, which is the subject of this article. Read more…

I came across this interesting press release announcing the results of a Yahoo!/OMD survey of 4500 online families across 16 countries called: “It’s a Family Affair: the Media Evolution of Global Families in a Digital Age.

If you have the time I recommend reading the entire document but here are some snippets from that I think you will find interesting. Read more…

Want some free coffee courtesy of Yahoo! ? Well I am always looking out for my readers and freebies are a great way to extend the love :-) Read on…

Today Yahoo! released a press release announcing that in addition to launching a massive new media campaign to publish it’s “fun brand” it will be providing free coffee from Dunkin Donuts this Friday, the 22nd.

Just so that I don’t get any details wrong here is the free coffee information direct from the press release:

“As appreciation for the millions of people who start their day with Yahoo!, all users who select as their start page this Friday, September 22, 2006 will be eligible for a free coffee giveaway from Dunkin’ Donuts. Beginning at midnight ET on Friday morning, visitors to will be able to access and print a coupon good for one free 16 oz. cup of Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee. The coupon is valid only on September 22, and may be redeemed from 9 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. local time or close of business at any participating Dunkin’ Donuts retail locations in the U.S. while supplies last.”

So often we are giving to the search engines so it is nice to see a little substance coming back. I hope you get to enjoy a free coffee from Yahoo!

Today Yahoo! released an option-packed email program to all Yahoo! Mail users throughout the USA and 18 markets around the world. The press release provides a glimpse into what this new product offers Read more…

Danny Sullivan, the best known and respected SEO in the world announced today that as of December 1st, 2006 he will leaving the home that he originally created

Why is Danny Leaving? The reasons for his departure are eloquently described on his blog in Danny’s straight forward and professional manner, which I highly recommend reading. The short version is that he and Incisive Media, the new owners of SearchEngineWatch (as of 2005) , were not able to come to an agreement on the terms of his contract renewal. Read more…

Google launched a free packaged business solution for enterprises today (Sunday, August 27th) including online chat, email, calendars, and hosting. Called “Gmail for Your Domain” (a ghastly name that is only slightly better referred to as “Google Apps” within the actual admin area) this application package will allow a business owner or administrator to create a separate account per employee. Read more…

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Ebay Hikes Rates, Where's Google?

Recently the world of online auctioneers saw the rates at eBay spike a little higher, and has a number of sellers very unhappy about the situation. This has also sparked a number of eBay listings surrounding this hike, like this T-Shirt “I survived the eBay Rate Increase of August ’06“. Wonder how many they will sell?

Finding information on the eBay rate increase was more difficult than expected. One would expect to find a press release, but a look at their PR page come up blank (). I’m curious, eBay sends out a ton of messages advertising free listing days and other various news to its users. I on the other hand did not receive a single message from them stating the rate increase. Would this not seem like a natural thing to do?

Many are turning to Google in hopes that the internet search giant will come out and develop a true eBay competitor. Today eBay has a virtual monopoly on the online auction business. While there are many auction sites on the internet, none can even come close to comparing to the immense power and spread of eBay. Where’s Google? Even Yahoo has an auction site, although I have to be honest, I have yet to try it.

This does bring up the question, why has Google not come out yet and created a competitor? Google seems to have a knack for this kind of thing. It seems to me that because of the power and revenue generated by AdWords ads, they could do quite well even offering a free online auction service. The ad revenue could far exceed the auction listing fees and combined with an even stronger online presence, Google could certainly overtake eBay and profit considerably.

A search of Google Labs, or even a general internet search doesn’t turn up anything official even suggesting that Google is thinking about going in this direction, but it does seem like a natural progression seeing as how they have roughly 50% of search already, and have developed a name trusted around the world.

This March an online word processing startup called Writely was purchased and merged into Google. This fledgling company had one of those great ideas that Google seems to have a hard time passing up; online interactivity and document interaction. To quote Jen Mazzon, one of the creators and a part of the new Google Writely Team, “everyone told us it was crazy to try and give people a way to access their documents from anywhere — not to mention share documents instantly, or collaborate online within their browsers. But that’s exactly what we did.” (source URL). Read more…