Today Microsoft earned a win that made me look twice by convincing Digg to sign a 3 year deal where Microsoft Ads will be the “exclusive provider of display and contextual advertising on Digg” (see press release). Having previously used Google Adsense to serve ads (according to Barry Schwartz’s breaking article) it is a huge win for Microsoft to peg this contract. This immensity of this win became especially clear when I compared a few of the top social media voting sites side by side at As you can see below Digg pulverizes the competition with a reach of approximately 22.5 million visitors per month in comparison to Reddit (976,882), and StumbleUpon (731,424).

Charts or no charts, however you look at this agreement advertising with Microsoft Ads has just become a lot more tantalizing.

An article was published today on Search Engine Land called “SEO Tips & Tactics From a Wikipedia Insider” and it has to be one of the most interesting and best written articles I have seen in a while. The article was written by a lady by the name of Durova who is “a Wikipedia administrator who confronts some of the site’s most disruptive editors. She uses a pen name to avoid harassment in real life.” (this is a snippet from the bio at the bottom of the article) Read more…

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Google to Challenge Skype

Last week Google made its move against eBay owned Skype, an online person-to-person internet telephony company, with the purchase of startup company, GrandCentral Communications.

On Monday, Google product manager Wesley Chan posted confirmation of the deal in the official Google Blog:

“We’re pleased to announce that we have acquired GrandCentral Communications, a company that provides services for managing your voice communications. GrandCentral is an innovative service that lets users integrate all of their existing phone numbers and voice mailboxes into one account, which can be accessed from the web. We think GrandCentral’s technology fits well into Google’s efforts to provide services that enhance the collaborative exchange of information between our users.”

Read more…

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

An Uncensored Peak into Google

Google officesOn June 24th an anonymous blogger posted an interview he did with an ex Google employee called “Life at Google – The Microsoftie Perspective“. Due to the required anonymity of the interview (Google is probably not happy about it) it cannot be verified for its authenticity but the post has caused a ton of noise over the past month and I found it a very intriguing read. To many this is a very old story but if you missed it I think you will really enjoy it. I sensed it was credible because it smacked of truth but the ultimate decision is yours – whether to believe it or not. Read more…
Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Facebook IPO Coming Soon

As Paul Kedrosky noted today in his blog it appears undeniable that Facebook is positioning itself for an initial public offering (IPO). When? Who knows but their newly available job position for a “Stock Administration Manager” with “strong knowledge of SEC, FASB, and IRS rules and regulations relating to stock plans and insider trading…” is a good tip off that one will be coming within a year. With Facebook seemingly on the lips of every 20-30 something person I know (both in the tech sector and not), I would say this will be one very lucrative windfall for the current shareholders.

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Ready.Mobi Releases Major Upgrade

Today James Pearce at .Mobi announced that their mobile website review tool ( has been upgraded to offer a site wide mobile-ready analysis. Previously users could only verify their site’s mobile page compatibility one page at a time so this upgrade is indeed newsworthy. Read more…

This post at Search Engine Journal references a social media project at Carnegie Mellon called Socialstream which, among other things, was created to “rethink and reinvent social networking”. Of even more interest is this capstone project is Google-sponsored which means many of these features are likely to be utilized in a future Google property.

Socialstream is based on a unified social networking concept in that it interfaces with a wide array of social media accounts to make networking simpler and more interactive. The Quicktime Demo of Socialstream’s functionality revealed some incredibly useful tools that simplify networking a large number of people. The Socialstream features page does show highlights of the program but actually seeing the product at work in the demo was far more revealing. Read more…

Friday, July 6th, 2007

How Much is Your Blog Worth?

Well I have no idea how this algorithm based on Technorati’s API is but according to this nifty widget created by Dane Carlson, StepForth’s SEO Blog is currently worth $83,551 buckaroos. Hmm, now if we could just get that kind of money from our blog :-)

My blog is worth $83,551.92.
How much is your blog worth?

In a story totally unrelated to SEO but just geeky enough that I HAD to post it – Apple’s patent application surfaced today for a mouse that has a built-in multi-touch surface similar to the screen on the Apple iPhone.
This peek at an advanced mouse from Apple gives some insight into the company’s incredible imagination and impressive research and development department.
This multi-touch technology is also expected to debut over the next year by Microsoft code named ‘Milan’. Coined as “surface computing,” Microsoft’s Milan computing interface is extremely impressive. Scott Van Achte wrote about surface computing a month ago, but here is a direct link to a preview of this very cool new technology.
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Social Media News of the Day

A new social media website called Thoof has recently come out of beta. Thoof is similar to Digg but features a couple of interesting differences:

  1. Titles and Descriptions for content added to Thoof can be updated by users to make them more useful. This is particularly handy since some titles and descriptions are horridly written despite the excellent source content.
  2. Thoof uses an algorithm to ‘learn’ what you like and don’t like which ultimately drives the type of content that appears on your personalized Thoof home page. Read more…