Google Webmaster Tools has recently seen a few updates. Posted on the Google Webmaster Central blog yesterday, here is a summary of some of the changes.

The vast majority of users will not be affected by this, but now you can submit up to 2.5 billion URL’s with a single sitemap index using up to 50,000 child Sitemaps. (previously Google only supported 1,000 child Sitemaps.) This is rather interesting considering that back in 2000 Google had only 1 billion pages indexed. As of last year Google has more than 1 trillion URL’s indexed. Read more…

Bing is out of the gates and running. The new search platform from Microsoft was reported to have seen approximately 11.1% search share for its first week out. This compares to the previous week at 9.1%, (according to comScore). Not bad for a brand new engine. Read more…

IIS SEO Toolkit imageIn my discussion with Rajesh Srivastava today on day 1 of SMX Advanced he mentioned there will be a plugin released (no mention of how soon) for IIS  that will interface directly with Bing’s Webmaster Center. The plugin will allow IIS webmasters to submit sitemaps to Bing from within their systems and utilize other webmaster center tools.

UPDATE: It has been 9 hours since I posted this article at an ungodly hour and apparently the IIS plugin has just been released. It is called the IIS SEO Toolkit and it is now in Beta and was officially announced today. Read more…

Microsoft Bing logoI am at SMX Advanced in Seattle this week and I was fortunate to have a one-on-one lunch with Rajesh Srivastava, the Group Program Manager for Portal Search Experience. After complimenting him and his team for finally pulling off what looks like a search engine that can compete I asked a few burning questions.

Why did Kumo (Now Bing) take so long to come out? There had been rumors of a rebranding for a while now. Read more…

If your site utilizes Javascript based navigation, you are in for a treat. Google is now able to crawl links embedded in JavaScript onclick() events. These links will not only be followed by Google but they will also now pass both Page Rank and Anchor Text value!

What does this mean for your search results? Read more…

Bing is online a full 3 days before the scheduled launch date; a surprise leap of faith very uncharacteristic of Microsoft. That said, the search engine is “in Preview” mode at and continues towards its inevitable demise on June 3rd when I expect the address will be redirected to

A screenshot of the Bing preview home page (the Canadian edition)

I spent a little time on and I challenge you not to be at least a little impressed! Might Microsoft have actually pulled off a good product?

It is late and I haven’t done a lot of searching but so far I am very impressed at how accurate the search engine appears to be. I am especially impressed with the image search options. In particular the ability to show only images with faces – nice touch! They also cleverly made the image results never ending… they just load and load and load on demand as you scroll down the page – no more clicking to additional pages.

Anyway, I hope to have a better review of Bing soon. For now please check it out and let me know what you think. Perhaps Bing will earn Microsoft a more significant percentage of the US search market ( sits at only 10%).

Bing, as announced today, is Microsoft’s latest variation of its search platform. A screenshot of the Bing introductory video - click to view.The search engine is supposed to marry a myriad of search verticals to create a one-stop-shop for netizens. For example, according to this official introductory video the search engine will incorporate price comparisons and reviews for everything from flights, to hotels and electronics. It also appears to include a hefty dose of local content for anyone trying to choose a restaurant in their area or needing directions.

Screenshots of the major functions of Bing are available in this extensive virtual presskit Microsoft has kindly made available. Read more…

Congratulations to my friend Joost de Valk and his new business ally Brian Gardner of StudioPress Development. The two WordPress gurus have joined forces to build WordPress themes with SEO essentials built right in.

Why is this News? I know from experience working with WordPress sites there is a lot of optimization that can be built in from the get-go if the proper template is used which saves time and money so this news is very good news for the web marketing community and WordPress users alike.

If you would like to learn more about optimizing your WordPress website check out this interview I did with Joost de Valk on SEO 101 on about WordPress search engine optimization.

Last week Microsoft announced a few updates to adCenter that anyone doing pay-per-click advertising should take a look at. Here is a quick summary created with snippets from the announcement:

    A snapshot from Microsoft showing the changes to AdCenter this Spring.

  • Better Targeting Options
    “Now you can apply customer targeting and incremental bids for your entire campaign with new campaign-level targeting, and then further refine targeting at the ad group level.”
  • Greater Bidding Flexibility
    ” Now you can set default keyword bids for your ad groups, and use nondefault bids to override the default when you prefer”
  • Improved Keyword Research Tool
    You can now: “use new filters to refine your list of suggested keywords … view performance and demographic data by keyword …  add selected keywords to your negative keyword list … bid on keywords and review estimated performance data … review keywords and bids and add them to an ad group”

Here is the link to the detailed posting at Microsoft. In addition, here are links to the other updates Microsoft has applied this Spring to adCenter: Account Management Updates, adCenter Desktop, Content Ads (US Only).

Today the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) released version 1.0 of the guidelines for measuring click fraud. The guidelines were created with the aid of Yahoo, Microsoft and Google in order to ensure that all major search engines would back the finalized guidelines. Here is a key snippet from the document’s Scope and Applicability section: Read more…