In a failed attempt to grab a substantial portion of market share from auction leader eBay, Yahoo is closing its auction doors forever. Yahoo Auction will be shut down in order to “better serve our valued customers through other Yahoo properties.”

According to comScore, eBay holds roughly a 94% share for online auctions where Yahoo falls way short at 0.2 percent. Read more…

An AdWords Exploit has been put to rest recently by Google after scammers running “” attempted to capture users banking details and other private information.

At Inside Adwords, the official AdWords Blog, a post was noted late last month regarding the problem. Read more…

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

MSN Launches Desktop Search

It is interesting that a few years after Google released Google Desktop, Microsoft has come forward to release their own version of Desktop search.

As part of the MSN Search Toolbar Suite introduced earlier this year, the final version of MSN Desktop was released just this past Monday.

Yahoo and AOL also have their versions of Desktop search in the works; interesting considering an effective desktop search feature should be something that is automatically integrated into an operating system. The new Windows Vista already has Windows Desktop Search integrated out of the box, but for those looking to try it on your pre-Vista version of Windows you can find the download, along with more details on Microsoft’s site.

If you thought Google had enough data centers by now, then you thought wrong. Search giant Google, recently noted as the world’s most visited website, has announced today that it plans on spending $600 USD million on a new data center, about 50 miles from Tulsa in Pryor, Oklahoma.

Plans have the facility opening in just over a year, summer 2008, and ultimately will staff 200 new employees. Located on an 800 acre plot of land Google purchased at Mid America Industrial Park an existing warehouse will be converted along with the construction of a new building to support their future growth.

The exact economic incentives received by Google from the state have not been determined, but they will certainly be significant.

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Google and Microsoft Neck in Neck

In the world of search, Google has been number one for several years now, but when it comes to overall site traffic, until recently Google was number two. Now that the latest numbers are out, we see Microsoft has dropped into the second spot as Google takes the prize of the most visited site on the internet. While the two are separated by only a million unique visits (or roughly one fifth of one percent), it is expected that this gap will continue to widen.

Based on figures taken from comScore, while Microsoft enjoyed a staggering 527 million unique visits for the month of March, Google was a hair ahead at 528 million. Yahoo takes third spot with 476 million followed by Time Warner at 272 million, and eBay rounds off the top 5 at 256 million. Read more…

Getting Google and other major search engines to spider your XML Sitemap just got a little bit easier. Although submitting through a search engine’s submission interface such as Google Webmaster Tools can offer additional valuable information, if you simply could not be bothered there is now an easier way.

Vanessa Fox posted in the Webmaster Central Blog a few recent announcements regarding, including a point on XML sitemaps. Read more…

In a recent paid advertising deal to supply ads for Viacom giants including,,, and 30 other web properties. Google has been left in the cold as Yahoo’s Panama platform was chosen. The deal could also expand in the future to include an additional 140 Viacom websites. Based on February’s figures, that could translate to around 90 million unique monthly visitors.

Back in March a lawsuit was launched against Google property YouTube over copyright infringement of Viacom owned television programs. Undoubtedly the lawsuit against Google was a large contributing factor in choosing Yahoo for the deal. As the next largest player in the game, with Google out, Yahoo is certainly the natural best choice.

The multi-year Search Marketing Deal was official announced Tuesday in a press release posted by Viacom.

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Google Maps Anti-Microsoft?


A recent post at ZDNet shows a screen shot from a Google Maps search for “Microsoft” displaying an unexpected image. The image depicted the windows logo with a slash through it.

How did this happen? Apparently Google automatically associated this image with Microsoft’s name using geographically targeted image processing. In this case a “Sara B” from had uploaded the image along with a review of the company. While likely unintentional, this could be a new form of “Google bombing” that could cause some serious problems.

The image has since been removed from the search, but one is left wondering where this may lead. If it is possible for Microsoft, what is stopping something like this from happening to other companies out there?

Danny Sullivan and Barry Schwartz provide a more detailed review of how this happened at Search Engine Land

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Google Testing Search Volume

For quite some time Google has provided a keyword tool for advertisers with search volume represented by a green bar. While this green bar did help to indicate the popularity of a specific term, there was no way to know the actual number of searches.

Over the past few weeks I have seen accounts where some have reported seeing the introduction of actual search figures appearing along side the search volume green bar.

Barry Schwartz posted earlier this month at search engine land and referenced an post and screenshot, but he was also unable to see the figures at that time. It appears as if Google is testing out the feature for consideration of a future roll-out.

Displaying the actual search figures rather than a general green bar will certainly make their tool more valuable to advertisers in the future. I for one welcome the release, whenever it may be.

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Microsoft Pre-Fills Search Box

There have been reports at search engine land and Search Engine Roundtable that MSN UK has been pre-filling their search box with “The Apprentice BBC”. I went to to see for myself and sure enough, there it was:

I am not sure how I feel about this form of advertising, or how large of an impact it would have on searches. And what happens if the BBC Apprentice site slips from the number one ranking spot? Is their top ranking also being influenced by this?

I do not see this technique catching on as it would likely just irritate searchers forcing MSN to pull the idea. I for one do not want search engines telling me what to search for, but I am curious to know what the BBC has paid for this.