Friday, November 30th, 2007

Google GDrive

If you have been looking for online storage to either back up your computer, or simply need some supplemental space for your large collection of photos or digital music, Google’s new GDrive service may be of use to you.

Google GDrive... for Real?!?

The talk of Google GDrive has been around for a while now, but could it actually be on its way finally? Tuesday morning the Wall Street Journal published an article on the future Google service. Read more…

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Google Results Malware Free?

Google has taken steps to remove malware websites from its search results, according to a ComputerWorld article released Wednesday.

Alex Eckelberry, CEO of Sunbelt Software Distribution Inc released the news Monday that Google had removed more than 40,000 malware sites from its search results. While Google refused to either confirm or deny this, spot checks by Sunbelt researcher Adam Thomas did not turn up any malware sites.

Malware Frustration Syndrome - picture of woman screaming through computer screen Read more…

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Google and GoDaddy Strike a Deal

the GoDaddy LogoInternet domain registration and hosting giant GoDaddy is teaming up with Google to help clients enrich their web hosting accounts, according to a GoDaddy press release issued Tuesday.

Working as a pilot partner, GoDaddy has integrated Google Webmaster Tools into the hosting accounts of their customers.

This integration will make it easier for the average site owner to identify potential problems with their sites and to help improve their site’s visibility. Read more…

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Facebook Unleashes Facebook Ads

Tuesday, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerbook announced the launch of Facebook Ads. This new ad platform will allow advertisers to focus their precise target markets.

Facebook’s Ads consists of three major parts: “a way for businesses to build pages on Facebook to connect with their audiences; an ad system that facilitates the spread of brand messages virally through Facebook Social Ads™; and an interface to gather insights into people’s activity on Facebook that marketers care about.”

With the announcement of Facebook ads, a number of brand specific pages were released Tuesday to the tune of 100,000 pages covering the world’s biggest brands. Users can share information about businesses they like acting as a trusted referral, sending qualified and highly targeted individuals to the main businesses page.

Users can also write on the wall of the business, add reviews, and interact with the business based on the features the business chooses to install.

Friday, November 9th, 2007

AOL Acquires Quigo

According to Business Week, AOL has acquired pay per click search engine Quigo for a reported $300 million. The acquisition includes the AdSonar and Feedpoint platforms.

Quigo has been serving up ads for a number of properties, and with the success they have been having, saw the potential and went forward with the purchase.

The deal which is expected to close later this year, will allow for expansion of their contextual advertising on AOL as well as their partner sites. For the time being, Google will continue to provide AdWords ads alongside AOL search results.

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Google Shares on Fire

Less than a month ago, On October 02, 2007, I wrote how Google shares were about to exceed the $600 mark. Web analyst Gene Munster had said in a report that he estimated the stock to exceed $660 within one year. I guess he was right.

In less than a month, Google shares have risen dramatically. Google stock has broken the $700 mark hitting as high as $707.00 on Wednesday afternoon. According to a simple Google search for “goog”, the stock showed an all time high value of $707.00 as of 4:00pm ET time on Oct 31. That increase is simply amazing given only a short 29 day window.

To put this into prospective, an investor putting in $10,000 when the stock first went public at $85, would now see their shares valued at $83,176. So how high can Google’s stock go? According to the Associated Press, Dinosaur Securities analyst David Garrity is predicting a reach to $985 in 2008.

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

PPC Success in Five Steps

There are a number factors involved in having a successful PPC campaign. These include everything from keyword selection, bid management, and campaign setup to your destination website. This article will discuss five of the most important areas: Keywords, Ad Copy, Destination URL’s, Organization, and Analysis.

1. Keywords
Having a successful PPC campaign starts off with keywords. While your keyword list will likely change and evolve over time, it is important to start with something that makes sense.

Base Keywords
First you will want to start off with your base keywords. These are any words you feel are relevant to your site. You may not end up using all of these in your PPC campaign but they will act as a stepping stone to finding other related phrases. Let’s say you own a camera shop. A few relevant keywords may include “digital camera” or “digital SLR”. Read more…

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Google Expands Analytics

Google announced yesterday a few new features to be added to Google Analytics in the coming weeks. If you are a fan of statistics and currently use, or are considering Google Analytics, these features could certainly come in handy.

One new feature is the addition of tracking which outbound links visitors click when leaving your site. This feature is nothing new to the world of stats programs, and seems only fitting that Google is finally implementing this option. Other new additions include an “Events Tracking” section which is used for working on user interaction with embedded movies and widgets. Event Tracking and Outbound Link Tracking will begin in a limited beta with no date mentioned for a full release.

If you have Site Search enabled you will also be able to track what searches were performed, from which page, and where the visitor was directed.

Use of these new features will require the update of your on site Analytics JavaScript code; however, Google has also unveiled an extra little upgrade. This new JavaScript code will not need to be updated again in the future as new advancements are released.

Upgrading to the new JavaScript is not necessary if you are not interested in using the new features. The existing code will continue to work correctly into the foreseeable future.

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Dogpile Outranks Google

J.D. Power and Associated rated Dogpile with the highest rank in customer satisfaction among search engines for the second year in a row.

Based on 1,000 points, Dogpile earned a score of 818 this year, up 14 points from 2006. Google fell in second at 794, with Ask filling in the top 3 at 784 points.

Dogpile users report that they are particularly satisfied with the limits placed upon paid advertising within search results.

This study is in its fourth year and looks at overall consumer behavior, experience and satisfaction within a number of search functions.

While Dogpile has a long way to go in the major search engine race, it is nice to see an underdog (no pun intended) holding its own against the major search engines.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Minor Updates to Yahoo's Panama

Yesterday, Yahoo announced in the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog, a few updates to the Panama platform have been released making life slightly easier.

Custom Reports
Yahoo now allows advertisers to create custom reports and set up a report scheduler. These reports are available in XML, TSV, CSV or Excel. This is a feature that has long been a part of Google AdWords and is a welcome addition to YSM.

Lateral Navigation
Before whenever you wanted to switch from one AdGroup to the next you had to jump back to the main campaign page. Moving from one to the next was quite inconvenient. Now with the new previous and next links at the top right, moving from one item to the next is much easier and faster. This feature works on the campaign, ad group, and keyword levels. It would be also nice if Yahoo could take this one step further and simply provide a dropdown menu visible on the campaign and ad group levels that would allow you select the specific group desired.

Calendar Date Range
Under the calendar drop down when selecting a date range, “Today” has also been added as a preset option. Often the results for the current day are incomplete, but if you want to see where you stand this does make it much quicker then entering a custom date range for the current day.

While there are still many features needing improvement within the YSM interface, these few adjustments are certainly a step in the right direction.