We have all been there, “how the heck do they always get #1?” It is a constant frustration for many a client and, well, even myself occasionally. The fact is that much of the time there are a few solid reasons behind the search engine success of any website and it is important to learn what these reasons are before trying to compete. How is this done? Therein lies the subject of this article; how do you determine what your competitor has done to win the search engine war?

Demystifying your competitor’s success requires you to put on your detective garb because you are going to have to investigate all aspects of their website; even the deepest darkest corners. In the following instructional I will lead you through a hypothetical investigation of a competitor who is ranking for the phrase “voip services”. In each step I will choose the more popular result that I find when I do similar competitor analyses professionally. So please take note, the sample is only the most popular result; occasionally there are truly baffling cases of competitor success which have required heftier investigation leading to differing conclusions of what they did to succeed. Read more…

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

A Search Engine for Viruses?

Well I am researching topics for tomorrow’s StepForth Weekly and I came across this unbelievable new search engine that uses Google’s system to search for certain questionable files. I just had to share this with you!

Unbelievable? Yes it is definitely that… it is called “Malware” by Metasploit. Essentially it is a search engine for finding malware (aka. viruses, trojans, worms – all the bad out there). Here is the link http://metasploit.com/research/misc/mwsearch/index.html now you tell me if this is what you would call useful? Read more…

A few weeks back MSN instituted a new Meta Tag that would allow website owners to force MSN to ignore their Open Directory Project (ODP) directory title and description when creating their search engine listing. For many this was a huge boon because their rankings were tied to the out of date, poorly edited or even false directory listings at the ODP. Read more…

Well I promised to keep you up to date on whether the Google code that was stumbled upon was real or not. Matt Cutts (a senior Google engineer) has confirmed that this was real and that “steps have been taken” to ensure this kind of information does not reappear.

Here is a permalink to Matt’s blog entry that discusses this:

And just in case you feel like a trip down memory lane, here is the blog post that started this: http://www.abuzant.com/od/2006-07/google-server-errors-fact-or-fiction.html

Seeing Red: Search Engine RedZee Reviewed by Ross DunnWhat is RedZee™?
RedZee™ is a Meta Search Engine that opened its doors officially in July 2005. Now open just over a year it was recently brought to my attention that this search engine with a darn cute mascot (I love zebras, especially ones that grin!) along with some decent design concepts also have some significant caveats that I believe my valued readers and clientele should be made well aware of. Read more…

If this discovery is indeed what it appears to be Google is getting closer to releasing an online storage/backup solution; not a surprise for many. Here is a post that talks a little about the discovery. http://cocaman.ch/tmp_wp/?/2006/07/google-testing-gdrive-codename-platypus

Here is the screenshot from this story; just in case it becomes unavailable elsewhere.

My take? Well I believe this is a perfect fit for Google’s inexorable path towards making the world’s information searchable. The privacy and security concerns of such an undertaking will be intense and I am sure they are aware of that. That said, I believe this will take off and will be a free service (to a certain space limit) financially upheld by what else but Google Adwords. The additional venues for Google Adwords clientele cannot hurt either.

In closing, I find Google’s endless line of cool utilities extremely fun to review and play with. Some, like Google Desktop and Google Mail (GMail), I have fully embraced in my corporate and personal life. Until more info surfaces I bid you adieu!

Well it is all over the ‘net (see news search). The term “Googled” has been officially acknowledged by the granddaddy of dictionaries; check out the official Google definition page.

Now that you have seen the definition you may have spotted what made me laugh… Webster uses Adsense both below and to the right of all definitions within its site. I guess that quells any dissenters to this literary addition; Google really is everywhere.

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Google Adds to Your SEO Toolbox

Have you heard of Google?

Google shareholders must dance up a storm when they realize how ridiculous it has become to ask a question like this. Google has become an unavoidable fact of life for anyone with the intention of having their website found online. It is the ‘big daddy’ of search engines with very nearly 50% of the search market in its pocket (49.1% this May to be exact – Nielsen/Netratings). For this reason alone I get pumped up when I am given new opportunities to peek into Google’s treasure trove of stats. Today I would like to share with you a relatively new offering from Google’s lab; Google Trends.

Free website reviewNow, to many SEO’s there is nothing new here because we are all fanatical about keeping up on Google’s offerings; in our fast-paced world this was released decades ago in SEO time (kind of like dog years). But to clients, this may very well be an interesting new tool in their marketing arsenal and I bet that many of your competitors haven’t grasped the potential that this tool has for increasing your bottom line. So take heed and you just might find that piece of marketing information you have always wanted. Read more…

A forum member on DigitalPoint discovered a piece of Google code when he tried to access a cached page from Google; it appeared as an error. The code appears to be extremely interesting, if a bit obtuse. It notes “Spam Scores” and “PageRank” which, of course, perks up the ears of any SEO. Check it out and let me know what you think. At this time there is no telling how legitimate or useful this is but I will keep you up to date if I hear of anything. Read more…

I found out that it is within the realm of possibility that Telcos will be given the powers to abuse the Internet by charging customers more for certain types of Internet use. Google has flatly stated that it will file Antitrust complaints if this indeed occurs. Here is an article that may just raise the hairs on the back of your neck: “Google to File Antitrust Complaints Against Telcos if Necessary” by Tuan Nguyen.

What Does this Mean?
You can bet that this form of abuse (should it occur) will drastically affect nearly every aspect of Internet use and thus the behavior of Internet users. Just how long will a person stay at your website if they begin to worry about extra fees? Who knows? This is all conjecture at the moment but the Internet is ever-changing and I feel it is important to keep a diligent watch on the infamous greed of Corporate America.