I found out that it is within the realm of possibility that Telcos will be given the powers to abuse the Internet by charging customers more for certain types of Internet use. Google has flatly stated that it will file Antitrust complaints if this indeed occurs. Here is an article that may just raise the hairs on the back of your neck: “Google to File Antitrust Complaints Against Telcos if Necessary” by Tuan Nguyen.

What Does this Mean?
You can bet that this form of abuse (should it occur) will drastically affect nearly every aspect of Internet use and thus the behavior of Internet users. Just how long will a person stay at your website if they begin to worry about extra fees? Who knows? This is all conjecture at the moment but the Internet is ever-changing and I feel it is important to keep a diligent watch on the infamous greed of Corporate America.

Friday, March 17th, 2006

SES China 2006

An historic event in the search marketing community is taking place in Nanjing, China over the next two days. The first annual Search Engine Strategies China Conference is taking place. The fine folks at Search Engine Round Table are providing full coverage of the conference from attendee Marc Hil Macalua.

Here are a few quick facts about the Chinese Internet market in 2006, as noted by Yu Yang, CEO of Analysis International.

- There are 100 million Chinese Internet users.
- 65% of those users are under the age of 30.
- 84% of them use search engines at least once per week.

Peter Lu from the China Internet Network Information Center told his audience that approximately 50% of Chinese searchers use Baidu. Google is rapidly gaining a loyal following, becoming more popular with governmental, corporate and high-income users.

There is a great deal to learn about the Chinese search engine market. The SES China 2006 Conference continues until tomorrow.

(by Jim Hedger)

Blogs have become a bastion of free speech on the web – where anyone can start their own personal commentary on any topic for free. Businesses use blogs to post their latest news, celebrities make fans salivate as they update their blogs with news about their day, and they even demonstrated the power to keep online vendors in line (Google bombing). The fact is, blogs have become massively popular and it seems the sky is the limit for this online phenomenon. But that is not the end of the story, I wrote this article to tell you how blogs are soon going to influence buyers of your products in the offline world. Read more…

Jim is enroute for his Christmas vacation and I thought this news I came across was worth a short posting.

A program manager for Microsoft’s MSN division, Ian McAllister, has a personal blog that has an interesting tidbit of info… well gossip… possibly well-informed gossip considering where it is coming from. Read more…

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004


A REAL MSN PreviewThere has been mucho chatter on the airwaves about the up and coming MSN search engine. For the second time there is a preview for tech users to check out and run searches on. Check it out here and see where your site sits within the database right now.

Thursday, September 30th, 2004

Clusty.com… why oh why

Well Vivisimo finally launched a user friendly interface for its information clustering technology. Unfortunately they decided to name it “Clusty.” Aside from the rather unfortunate name, however, I believe they really have something worthwhile using here. The site appears simple to use and the results appear to be of sound quality on the few searches I have completed. Anyway, we recommend checking it out because it has a few tricks up its sleeve that many of the other search engines will likely integrate. Read more…

The following article is sourced from Canada’s most prominent newspaper The Globe & Mail. This article can be found in its original format in the Technology section here. Read more…

Next time you go shopping online and you see a price that seems too good to be true… it just might be. This seems like an obvious caveat, however, there is a certain amount of trust and respect attributed to major portals like Yahoo! Shopping so a cheap price might just seem like an incredibly good buy. In this case, however, the discount was a bit more than even the average imagination could have predicted. A mistake in the XML shopping feed at Yahoo! Japan prompted 100 million sales of an Apple eMac computer at a 98% discount! That’s right, the eMac was sold for the equivalent of $25 per computer, a discount of $1100 USD. When Catena, the Tokyo based computer firm discovered the mistake, chaos ensued as they contacted 20,000+ buyers to negate the sales. According to Catena they did not have to honor the sales because they did not confirm them by email.

So next time you find yourself with a 98% discount don’t get too excited until you receive confirmation of the sale ;-)

There have been a great deal of news since last week’s issue on the advent of Google’s controversial Gmail system created to compete with Yahoo! Mail and MSN’s Hotmail. The news can be summarized quickly; upheaval.

Here are some examples of what has occurred since our last newsletter (April 7):
Read more…

MSN has released new information on its forthcoming search technology.

MSN Blogbot & Newsbot

MSN product manager, Karen Redezki told Matt Hicks of eWeek that MSN will be launching a blog and news service to the public before its new algorithmic search engine is released. Read more…