Proving that even the big can get themselves burned badly, the brand new website of German automaker BMW has been blacklisted from the Google index for spamming. Read more…

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Google Tags onto Web2.0 Theory

Google appears to be experimenting with social tagging and expanded bookmarking; leading some to conclude that if successful, Google might integrate user-input data into future organic algorithms.

Last Sunday (January 30), Google released the fourth version of its toolbar for Internet Explorer (a Firefox version is scheduled to be released soon). Two of the features embedded in the toolbar suggest Google is moving towards incorporating views expressed by its users into its methodology for factoring search results. Read more…

For fans of US Football, the most important annual television event kicks off early Sunday afternoon, live from Motor City USA, Detroit. The Super Bowl is the biggest yearly sporting event in North America, rivaled only by European Football’s World Cup. More viewers are expected to watch the game for three hours on Sunday than are expected for any other scheduled program or event. That makes the commercial spots, which are billed higher than for all other time-slots, extremely important for the advertisers who purchase them. Read more…

Fierce windstorms have plauged Southern Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia for the past five days. Last night’s storm was the worst by far causing blackouts over much of the region.

StepForth’s downtown Victoria office is up and running again however several of our workers who telecommute (myself included) awoke to find our homes and home offices were without power. Suffice it to say we are compensating the best we can. Read more…

The rapid growth of search engine marketing over the past two years has firmly established the SEO and SEM sector as an important concern for the mainstream advertising industry. Lacking the long-term background and technical resources to properly serve the intense demand for search marketing from clients, the traditional ad agencies are starting to think about the search marketing industry. Read more…

Monday, January 30th, 2006

Longest Two Day Weekend, Ever

Change seems to be the theme of our story these days with the Internet, search marketplace and our daily set of tasks morphing rapidly. Change is a good thing but never comes without its price. For us that price has been painful, literally.

The StepForth staff has just survived what has to be counted as the longest, most physically challenging weekend in the nine year history of our firm. Bill is still down sick, Scott is temporarily offline, Ross, Mark and I have just recently gotten back online, and our new offices are still turned upside down. Read more…

Friday, January 27th, 2006

Google.CN Promoting Propaganda

Google’s new China focused portal, has been roundly and rightly criticized for censoring results shown in China at the request of the repressive Chinese regime. The absence of material deemed dangerous by the Chinese authorities leaves search results that tell the “right-side” of the story. This is the material open to viewing Chinese citizens. Read more…

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

StepForth Placement Moving

StepForth is leaving its quiet, residential space in the Fernwood neighbourhood of Victoria and moving downtown to its new Bastion Square offices.

The move is prompted in part by the tremendous growth of our industry over the past few years. We’ve grown too, bringing on new staff, upgraded services and a growing list of marketing partners. Also, the new location is simply too nifty to pass up.

This will be our last full day in our current space. On Friday, we start the process of ripping out the servers, dismantling the office, disconnecting our computers and saying goodbye to the funkiest section of town.

We’ll miss the Thin-Edge of the Wedge pizza parlor, the George and Dragon Pub, and our downstairs neighbour, “Fast Sammy” the convenience store owner. Our free-range mascot, Hydro the death-defying squirrel will also be remaining behind.

Our new offices are located in historic Bastion Square overlooking Victoria ‘s gorgeous inner-harbour. Our new building houses some of the oldest offices in the Pacific Northwest region, originally built as a warehouse for supplies heading towards the Yukon gold-rush or to logging and mining interests on the north end of Vancouver Island.

Needless to say, we are all excited and a bit intimidated by the move.

As of Monday, our new address is:

StepForth Placement Inc.
#208, 26 Bastion Square
Victoria BC,
V8W 1H9

Please note that our phone numbers and email addresses will not change.

Toll Free (North America) : 1-877-385-5526
Local Phone Number: 250-385-1190

On behalf of the StepForth crew, I’d like to say thanks to the entire Fernwood neighbourhood. You’ve put up with a lot of parties, traffic, and general geeky weirdness from our space and we’re going miss it here. Thanks for the support, friendship and being such amazing neighbours.

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Redefining the Search Scenery

As expected, the roll out of change in the world of search is proving to be highly disruptive. Though the year is only three weeks old, noticeable shifts are occurring among the largest search entities and throughout the search marketing sector, making the scenery much different this month than it was just a few short weeks ago. These are among the most interesting times on the Internet as the largest players are positioning themselves to take their unique and collaborative runs through the year of global convergence. Read more…

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006

Yahoo Submits to Google's Share

Yahoo, the longest running search related business still running on the web has admitted defeat in the organic search sector, noting that Google remains the most popular in terms of market share. In an interview with Bloomberg News, Yahoo’s chief financial officer, Susan Decker said, “It’s not our goal to be No. 1 in Internet search. We don’t think it’s reasonable to assume we’re going to gain a lot of share from Google. We would be very happy to maintain our market share.” Read more…