Thursday, February 26th, 2004

New Trends in Search Engines and SEO

The past year has been one of major transition in the search engine industry. Changes to the landscape have been enormous with mergers, acquisitions, and the easing of several formerly big-players out of the sector or, in the case of AltaVista, Lycos and LookSmart, into the minor leagues. We’ve seen new technologies and revenue models being tested by search firms, along with fresh promises of personalized ad-delivery through contextual placement. While there is no end in sight for changes in this evolving medium, this is a good time to examine the impact of such upheaval on the state of website marketing and search engine placement. Read more…

This article will cover the following:

System Upgrades

Change in Editors’ Area

Division of Ownership

Seeking New Search Partners

New Submission Specialist Program

Our Future Plans

— System Upgrades —

Over the past several months, GoGuides.Org has been undergoing some changes. One of the most notable changes is in the scripts that make the directory run. We are still in the process of writing and upgrading that code. Over the next couple of weeks, the foundation for the entire system will be put firmly in place. Expect a dramatic increase in system speed for both searching the directory and browsing topics once these final building blocks are put in place. Read more…

Verison, the largest telephone company in the US is introducing a search feature at Verison is the primary publisher of Yellow Pages directories in the USA. They are trying to save this market from Yahoo, Google and MSN. Currently basic listings are free (with registration required). Read more…

Thursday, February 19th, 2004

Changes in submission rules at Yahoo

We received this email this morning. Still looking into it to see what costs will be…

Dear Priority Submit customer.

This is an important notification in relation to the following services:

1. Inktomi Search Submit

2. AltaVista Express Submit

3. Fast PartnerSite

4. Summary

1. Inktomi Search Submit

Yahoo! Search has transitioned to its own search technology and is preparing to launch a new inclusion program. Read more…

Yahoo unleashed the biggest surprise of the year today with the formal introduction of their own search engine. While the vast majority of search engine analysts were expecting Yahoo to simply adopt results from the powerful Inktomi database, Yahoo has been quietly and apparently quite effectively developing their own spider, database and ranking algorithms. Last month, Yahoo CEO Terry Semel announced that Yahoo would be moving away from results licensed from Google’s database by the end of this quarter. Read more…

It looks as if Google has stabilized, for now at least. After four months of intense updating and incensed advertisers, the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) finally appear worthy of Google’s reputation. Last week StepForth predicted a major change at Google which happened over the weekend, resulting in the best results we’ve seen in months. Read more…

The balance of organic and CPC advertising is totally subjective depending on the needs and goals of the advertiser. The following discusses the two most common scenarios for determining a balance of online marketing. Read more…

Thursday, February 19th, 2004

Yahoo meta tag and title rules

Yahoo has introduced it’s own search engine! Here’s a few rules to follow to keep Yahoo happy… Read more…

Just so y’all know, MSN is currently displaying results drawn from the Looksmart database. Looksmart is still supplying results for MSN to use whenever they need to tweak with Inktomi’s feed.

Saturday, February 14th, 2004

Google changes happening.

What looks to be the first google-dance since November appears to be winding up. Check out which links on your sites are being recoginzed and rewarded. If we’re lucky, Google might be settling out in the near future. It is becoming more predicable but logic says there is at least one more bump on the road to stable SERPs.