Tuesday, January 10th, 2006

SEO Tip :: MSN Search by IP Number

Have you ever wanted to know what other sites share an IP number with your client? A search conducted using this format at MSN: ip: ###.###.###.###, will reveal all the sites in the MSN index hosted at that IP. Read more…

A full weekend has passed since Larry Page made the last of what was assumed to be three major speeches from the heads of the three major search engines at the 2006 CES convention in Las Vegas. Page’s lackluster announcements on Google Pack and Google Video followed similar underwhelming performances by Yahoo’s Terry Semel and Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Perhaps expectations had been placed too high by the press. Scheduled fresh on the heels of the Christmas-New Year’s slump, commentators and observers wrote highly speculative pieces, mostly about Google. By Friday afternoon however, what might have been, simply was not. Read more…

Friday, January 6th, 2006

Searching for Cost Savings

About a month ago, Scott Gardner from Fortune Interactive wrote a smart piece that got published in Webpronews, “What’s So Special About Search Marketing?” In it, he covers several points that demonstrate why search engine marketing, particularly search engine optimization is the most cost effective form of mass advertising. Read more…

Yahoo Local & Partner for Local Advertising

(source: Search Engine Journal)

Yahoo Local and announced a partnership today that will give select clients of premium sponsored ad placements on search results generated by Yahoo Local.

Friday, January 6th, 2006

Google's BigDaddy Data Center

Anyone want a quick glance at a small piece of the future? Not only can you see what will soon be there to be seen, if you don’t like what you see there, you can file a complaint.

Google is asking for feedback on one of its main testing data centers, BigDaddy. Bigdaddy is now visible at two IPs: and In a blog posting on January 4, Google’s chief search engineer Matt Cutts, confirmed the existence and role of the BigDaddy data center and asked for webmaster feedback.

“We’d like to get general quality feedback. For example, this data center lays the groundwork for better canonicalization, although most of that will follow down the road. But some improvements are already visible with site: searches.” Read more…

Bill Gates opened the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last night calling this the decade of the digital lifestyle and workstyle. While his keynote speech only touched on search in general terms, he played down the threat of Google in an earlier interview and noted IBM as Microsoft’s chief competitor. Read more…

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Yahoo and MSN Speculation

The year opened with two major items regarding Yahoo. The first involves Microsoft, the second, MTV.

The LATimes, yes, the same publication that made a false start on rumours of Google computers, is reporting that Microsoft made an offer to buy Yahoo for $80 – $90 Billion. This is another thing that probably never happened. While highly unlikely, the rumour does shed light on a particular problem Yahoo and Microsoft both share, they want the same things but a common threat stands in the way, Google.

Yahoo is trying to become the primary online entertainment provider, a meta-network surpassing satellite broadcasting in range and choice. Yahoo is rumoured to be interested in buying Viacom, owner of MTV and a number of other mainstream media content creators. Along with their partnerships with music labels, other TV networks, and movie distributors, the purchase of Viacom would put Yahoo far beyond Google and Microsoft in the field of digital home entertainment.

Microsoft wants to continue to be the biggest thing ever and to do that; it needs to remain the operating system of choice in a rapidly changing world. To stay #1 means providing consumers with what they need, something both Google and Yahoo are almost but not quite capable of doing on their own.

The obvious piece of speculation, aside from the erroneous assumption they might buy Yahoo is an offer to partner up with Barry Diller at Ask Jeeves. On their own, Diller’s IAC has not yet capitalized on the potential of the fourth most popular search engine, MSN’s adCenter might have the technology and clout they need to even hope to compete against Google.

Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Year Opens with Google Speculation

It all starts with a rumour. Someone said something to someone else and that someone told another person and before you can say, “cheese-doodle”, a wrong-story rumour grows out of control as speculation spreads it far and wide. Each retelling of the story adds another dimension, based on the teller’s assumptions and perspective. An interesting phenomenon has played out in the search engine press over the past two days, as a non-story about something Google is not doing grew into the imminent death of Microsoft almost overnight. Read more…

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

State of Search Marketing 2006

Happy New Year everyone! After a two-week slowdown, the North American business world is gearing up to its general terminal velocity. In the high-tech environment we work in, terminal velocity often appears to approach the speed of light. Being human beings however, we are not capable of moving as fast as light. Our working environment moves or changes faster than we can possibly keep up with. Read more…

It is that time of year again. Between the extra helpings of turkey soup and sandwiches, writers of every stripe are making lists of predictions for the coming twelve months. Last year, we got just over half our predictions correct. This year we hope to do as well or better but in an industry as dynamic and rapidly changing as the world of search, we couldn’t expect to hit a home run on every prediction. The only thing that is certain is the idea 2006 will be as or more interesting than 2005. Read more…