Monday, October 18th, 2010

How Google Search Works by Matt Cutts


In my preparation for a search engine optimization (SEO) course I am teaching at a local college (Camosun College) I came across this awesome video by Google’s Matt Cutts. This video does the best job I have seen yet of explaining how Google works and, I think, it may even displace some misconceptions I run into every day when talking to prospective clients. So, if you are curious about search engine optimization or you just want to see your BFF, Matt Cutts, in a very slick video you can watch it below!

YouTube Preview Image

Source: How Search Works by Matt Cutts

I found this on the Google Corporate Information Page where other great videos are as well.

4 Responses to “How Google Search Works by Matt Cutts”

  1. sasha

    Thank you for posting this! Very informative and pretty.
    Plus, my BFF Matt Cutts!

  2. Tibet tours

    nice video! very helpful to me. Thanks!

  3. Santel

    This is a very nice video, thank million for sharing this. I think now I know what to do if I want my blog to be more often on the first page of Google search! it might be a hard work but at least we understand the principal.

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