Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Yahoo’s Search Share is Tanking!


This Silicon Alley Insider Chart based on the latest Comscore U.S. search engine market share results says it all… Yahoo is on its way out as a search leader and none too gracefully. If I were a Yahoo executive it would hurt to see this no matter what future plans they had for Bing to take over. Scary stuff!

Yahoo's search engine market share is tanking!

2 Responses to “Yahoo’s Search Share is Tanking!”

  1. Nick Stamoulis

    This is not surprising at all. I think Bing is slowly making it’s way up that chart which is kind of surprising.

  2. WebTalent SEO

    Bing has put so much money in their marketing efforts I’m not surprised at their increase. I just hope that the momentum in constant after the marketing blitz.

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