Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Bing is Microsoft’s Latest Name for Search


Bing, as announced today, is Microsoft’s latest variation of its search platform. A screenshot of the Bing introductory video - click to view.The search engine is supposed to marry a myriad of search verticals to create a one-stop-shop for netizens. For example, according to this official introductory video the search engine will incorporate price comparisons and reviews for everything from flights, to hotels and electronics. It also appears to include a hefty dose of local content for anyone trying to choose a restaurant in their area or needing directions.

Screenshots of the major functions of Bing are available in this extensive virtual presskit Microsoft has kindly made available. Personally, I am going to hold off posting any polished screenshots on the StepForth Blog until I can test the search engine myself and see if the results are as good as portrayed. With luck Microsoft will have created a real contender in the search market but I am fraught with deja vu so enough with that line of thinking.

What About Live? or Kumo, or MSN… Whatever…

Is this an additional search engine at Microsoft or is it replacing If you are confused then I am certain you are in good company – including myself. Well this screenshot at Gizmodo shows a note at the top right of the Bing screen saying “Live Search is evolving – Tour Bing” so I gather Live Search will be no longer. Indeed it appears Microsoft is devilishly happy screwing up its search branding every couple of years… I don’t know about you but I am VERY tired of it all. I hope they stick to their guns this time… heck I was just getting used to

What I find the most ironic is that Bing’s slogan is “The world doesn’t need just another search engine, it needs a decision maker”. I guess that means Microsoft will be using Bing to make its decisions from now on.

More on Bing to come soon.

4 Responses to “Bing is Microsoft’s Latest Name for Search”

  1. Harsh Agrawal

    One of the great feature of bing is auto compete feature, which is similar to Google, though being a blogger I would like to see some quality result from
    Bing rather then people who game SEO and come at the the top of Google Search result. Lets hope for something new and useful this time from Microsoft

  2. Judith

    It’s way too early to make any far-reaching conclusions – it only makes sense to review a completed product, as opposed to speculating on what it can potentially feature. If bing proves to be good enough, I will gladly switch – I don’t care who provides the search results I need, as long as these are relevant enough. In the meantime, the live precedent is keeping me skeptic.

  3. nomexs

    Cool, I like it. It’s great!

  4. aks

    yeah heard some thing about bing that they have alot of features which is better then google but lets see rightnow not so much difference from google. thanks again.

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