Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Kids and Teens Are Embracing Twitter Says comScore


comScore’s latest intelligence shows that “teens” between 12 and 24 have dramatically increased their use of the popular microblogging tool Twitter and the kids between 2 and 11 are increasing as well (age 2?!  comScore is thorough! ). Although the demographics they chose were odd I think it is still valuable info to see that market segment growing. It is especially interesting to think of how the emergence of that demographic could improve number of breaking news stories that happen on Twitter. After all, it is safe to say that most people of that age group don’t let their messaging devices out of their reach 24/7.

A comScore chart showing significant Twitter usage growth in the 12-24 age bracket

6 Responses to “Kids and Teens Are Embracing Twitter Says comScore”

  1. Jacob Stoops

    Cool graph. It will be interesting to see this data a few more years down the road after we’ve seen what Twitter does to adapt to whatever market changes come its way.

    I think that kids today are getting more and more into technology, so I think it’s inevitable that they start using Twitter more and more. What I’m interested in, is the numbers on the older adults who might be a little more set in their ways and less likely to adapt to new technology.

  2. TheTraveller001

    It’s really not surprising since it’s been advertised for months on early morning TV shows like The View, etc.

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  4. Danto

    What is Twitter and How Can I Use Twitter?

  5. Ross Dunn

    Hi Danto, Twitter is termed micro-blogging because it is a medium where each user has only 140 characters (including spaces) to say what they want to say. When they post (AKA “tweet”) what they want to say anyone who is following them (because they are interested in what they have to say) will receive the tweet. Oddly I am finding it difficult to describe Twitter in a couple of sentences so check out this posting where you will find links to more detail. I hope this has helped and thank you for your question! – Ross Dunn

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