Friday, September 11th, 2009

Google Underwhelms with Interface Change


Google made a minor change to its interface on Wednesday which is notable only because, well, it is Google. What did they do? Well they stretched the home page search box and increased the size of the font for the search box. Not much to report really but the Wall Street Journal decided it was worthy of a remark when they posted the story along with several “snarky” remarks from fellow search engine writers who were very underwhelmed by the whole update.

The one, tiny take away from this? The WSJ article noted that Softpedia’s Lucian Parfeni thinks the changes could have something to do with the increase in searches on smaller screens due to the rise in netbook usage. I think he is right on the money there and I will add that Google could be catering to the aging baby boomer population (cough… Eric Schmidt… cough) that is bound to be finding the larger text a bit more comfortable :-)


2 Responses to “Google Underwhelms with Interface Change”

  1. Anon Emouse

    Google, stop “changing” things. Fix EXISTING products that lack BASIC UI options. Fix EXISTING products that have only scarce “options”. No low (pre 2007) bandwidth option in youtube. No option to turn off gmail autosave. No option to PERSISTENTLY select/keep former-interfaces based on login name. Google image search still only displays 20 results per screen max after 10 years. Abandoning existing browsers that still work, are current and updated. Etc. Real “progressive” – gee thanx.

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