Monday, February 16th, 2009

Air Miles Offered for Yahoo Searches


Yahoo AirMiles ToolbarFor all our Canadian readers out there, if you find yourself collecting Air Miles, searching Yahoo may help you get that free flight just a little bit quicker.

The Air Miles Yahoo Toolbar was recently launched, and for every 50 searches performed using the Air Miles toolbar you will earn 5 Air Miles, up to a maximum of 30 Air Miles per month.

For card holders who do not have enough Miles to redeem their rewards, Air Miles offers the option to purchase additional miles at 30 cents each. When we break down the math, that means that for every Yahoo search preformed using this toolbar, you will get a $0.03 value in return – (5 Air Miles * $0.30 / 50 searches = $0.03) – getting paid to search, it’s about time!

As a search marketer I tend to search Yahoo fairly often, not as much as Google, but still, enough to get a little extra padding on my Air Miles Account.

6 Responses to “Air Miles Offered for Yahoo Searches”

  1. Anonymous

    I have been a member since January
    and at the end of the month in spite of having more than 50 searches i didn’t get my miles and the counter is at zero. again.

    airmiles member.

  2. Lisa

    Hey Anonymous,I started in April, my counter also converted back to zero in May without any airmiles showing up in my account. I called and was told that it would take 60 days or so for them to be posted. You should have seen something by now. If not call 1-888-247-6453 (airmiles #).

  3. chitra

    The counter resets to zero at the end of the month. New searches will then start to get recorded for the new month. For the searches recorded for the previous month, the miles get posted, not within the beginning of the new month but within 60 days.. this is the promised time frame. but i always see them within 15 to 20 days after end of month. so now i enjoy these bonus miles at NO cost..

  4. Anonymous

    I started using the toolbar in February. I got the points in March. At the end of April I had 25 points coming. To date (May 17th) I have not been credited with them.

    I have written Air Miles to see what gives. Yahoo’s search engine is a poor shadow of Google but if the points are there I’ll use it, otherwise I’ll drop the toolbar and go back to Google.

    Norm .. airmiles member

  5. JadeDragon

    Every few airmiles count but there are faster ways to earn them. I like using safeway bonuses to rack up the airmiles fast.

  6. Jack Hill

    My airmiles toolbar has vanished!!!!

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