Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

A Huge Upgrade for Firefox is Out BUT


The Internet is a-buzz with the latest offering from Firefox – the best browser available in my opinion – and the upgrades look absolutely tantalizing:

  • Get FireFox 3.5It is twice as fast as Firefox 3: an impressive feat!
  • You can save movies as easily as saving an image,
  • It will download fonts from websites if your computer does not have the necessary font – this is very new and very very cool. Why? Because now sites can include their very own custom fonts that can add a lot of pizazz to a site and create a very unique look. Now you will be able to see the site as the designer intended.
  • It offers location-aware browsing: an option that will enable the browser to tell websites where you are located so that they can tailor their content for your area. Again this is an OPTION do not fret over your privacy.
  • You can surf the net anonymously using private browsing options just like Google Chrome offered when it released.

BUT! I do not suggest upgrading yet IF YOU USE PLUGINS because there is a good chance they will not yet work with the new version. I am personally going to hold off on my business machine because I have some valuable plugins on Firefox that I use for website analysis and I can’t afford to lose them right now. But I am not worried because it is only a matter of time until I can upgrade without losing any functionality. That is because in just a few weeks most will be upgraded to work the the new version so I will wait until then. I suggest you do as well if you are in the same boat I am.

Here is a video from the Firefox team explaining the cool upgrades in Firefox 3.5

by Ross Dunn, CEO, StepForth Web Marketing Inc.
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6 Responses to “A Huge Upgrade for Firefox is Out BUT”

  1. Scott Van Achte

    Very cool stuff – It took me a long time to switch from the comfort of Netscape over to I.E. Then after years of I.E. it was very tough making the leap to Firefox – but I am sure glad I did. Its been a few years now, and I very seldom use I.E. (and wonder if anyone at all still uses Netscape – FF is definitely the best of the best these days.

  2. denis

    New FireFox really rocks. I’m using FF as my main browser for many years and really like it’s flexibility.
    Recent update seems to make it really a bit faster which was a pleasant surprise.

    As Ross have mentioned, some Add-ons really wasn’t working from beginning, but each day or even hour I’ve seen updates to more and more plugins making them compatible with FF 3.5. So currently I’ve got only two addons not working with 3.5 which are not critical for surfing.

    BTW if you have some addon which doesn’t seems to be compatible with newest browser version, sometimes it helps to visit homepage of developer of certain addon and see if newer version available there, it helped me few times so I thought to share it.

  3. Ross Dunn

    I have been having lots of trouble with the new browser. I hear there will be an update very soon to deal with the bugs users are experiencing. I have actually found this version of Firefox the buggiest ever!

  4. denis

    wonder what bugs have you found? As for me is the only serious bug was weird mouse focus behavior inside bookmarks, but maybe I don’t use it enough yet, or Linux version significantly differs from Windows one?

  5. Sandra

    I am now using the Firefox browser. I think it is good .

  6. Random Geezer

    I’ve been using 3.5 a while now and my few plugins work fine, it seems quicker and I love it really!
    Long live FF and its many plugins

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