Friday, September 5th, 2008

Microsoft & Jerry Seinfeld Team Up


Apple has seen great success with its popular “Hi I’m a Mac” ad campaign, and now Microsoft has enlisted the help of Jerry Seinfeld for a series of TV ads.Seinfeld will earn a reported $10 million as part of the $300 million advertising campaign being launched by Microsoft.

The ads debuted on Sept 4 – I just by fluke happened to see the first ad when watching Kitchen Nightmares last night. I found the first ad to be funny, but personally think Microsoft has a little ways to go to catch up the Mac ads which in many cases are down right hilarious. You be the judge – take a look at the embedded video below and leave a comment with your opinion!

2 Responses to “Microsoft & Jerry Seinfeld Team Up”

  1. Jim Hedger

    I’m not entirely sure I get the point to this commercial. Actually, I am entirely sure I miss the point. I like Bill Gates. I like Jerry Seinfeld. I like shoes. I also like puppies and unicorns and was saddened to see the director choose not to include any in this effort. Perhaps in future commercials? The one string I found was that this commercial wasn’t about anything at all, just like the Seinfeld show. Perhaps that was the point. That’s a funny way to use shareholders’ money. Maybe they didn’t know what to do with the estimated $55B they set aside for Yahoo! (or is it yadayadayadahoo?)

  2. Justin Beller

    I saw the ad on September 4th as well and I thought it was terrible. It had very little to do with Microsoft as a company, Windows Vista or any of their other products. Not a good way to start off a campaign to help turn your image around and gain market share.

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