Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Wallstrip Owes Thanks to More Than Just YouTube


Revver AdvertisementIt is always a pleasure to get feedback on my postings, especially from those who are intimately involved with the news I am reporting. In this case Trader Mike (Michael Seneadza), one of the first partners in Wallstrip posted the following comment to my recent posting (CBS Jumps on the Bandwagon and Purchases Wallstrip) that I felt was important to highlight:

“YouTube was just one of many platforms we used to distribute WallStrip. On our own site we initially used Revver and then moved to Blip. But the show was indeed uploaded to YouTube and other services daily.”

In addition, Mike noted “there’s a list of sites where wallstrip is available over in the right column of under ‘Watch Wallstrip where YOU want!’”

So let me first say congratulations to those other great services that helped out Wallstrip become the success it is today. You deserve your time in the limelight and I am the last person who would have left you out purposely. The reason I noted YouTube with such prominence was two-fold: partly because it drove my point home that free popular video-sharing services like YouTube allowed Wallstrip to become the success it did so quickly. And more importantly in his announcement posting Howard Lindzon said “Google/YouTube have been great supporters of the show. Obviously a tremendous help.”
Blip TV AdvertisementAll-in-all I doubt anyone would argue that Wallstrip would have been acquired so quickly without the social marketing aspects of online video sharing. That said, video sharing sites Revver and Blip also played a notable role in their success and I am glad to note them. In fact, thanks to Michael’s comment I have now been exposed to both video sharing sites, new to my world; of which seems the most intriguing to me.

Thanks Trader Mike!

by Ross Dunn, CEO, StepForth SEO Services
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  1. awgyetvan

    Thanks for the coverage, Ross. Revver has been delighted to support Wallstrip, as well as, their other great site. Something of interest to note about Revver: we also reward video syndicators with a share of the ad revenue. If you register with Revver, and post those great Wallstrip videos on your blog, both you and the video creator earn a slice of the revenue.

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