Friday, May 4th, 2007

Microsoft Buy Yahoo? YES PLEASE!


Reputable sources say Microsoft has reopened negotiations with Yahoo to purchase the company or work with it in some way. Last year the same talks were going on but Yahoo’s Terry Semel said his “impartial advice to Microsoft is that you have no chance,” Mr Semel said. “The search business has been formed.” The talks ceased and I was not expecting them to restart so soon.

The Wall Street Journal estimates Yahoo’s value at 50 billion… is Microsoft really that eager? Apparently they just might be and it is likely a direct cause of their thwarted attempt to secure DoubleClick before Google did. Tired of being a follower I expect Microsoft will be making some very tempting offers to Semel this time around.

Okay, now it is time for what is likely to get a few people charged up. “YES PLEASE” is my way of saying that I hope the merger goes ahead because it will provide some shake up in the search engines – something I feel is much needed. It also helps that I have very little reason to believe Microsoft will add value to Yahoo which will hopefully will create a void for a newcomer.

What is your thought on this? Would you be all for a merger or against?

3 Responses to “Microsoft Buy Yahoo? YES PLEASE!”

  1. Anonymous

    I totally agree with you. we need to shake up this current situation and get things rolling. When I attended the SEO london conference this year, I noticed how MSN was in the back seat not doing much to promote their engine. On the other hand Yahoo was doing much better than MSN and Google. Microsoft has all the money, so why not put into good use and lets shake the grounds of the search engines.

    we need to revive this industry into something which will help the consumers. at the moment, Google is taking over and it’s not healthy. it’s actually becoming boring.

  2. Nitin

    I think that if yahoo and microsoft join hands then it will be like pepsi and coke in beverages. We will have Google and Microsoft as the only two competetors with the major crunch of market. Sounds a little philosphical but are we moving towards bipolar markets and one final umbrella corporation.

    Anyhow this merger will definitely change the way the search engine world is operating right now.

  3. Ross Dunn

    You know, the more I think about Microsoft and Yahoo the more I think it won’t happen. Microsoft would have to make an offer that Yahoo could not refuse and convince the Yahoo staff and investors that such a deal would not obliterate their *very* separate cultures.

    Will they work together? Yes, I expect something conciliatory will be hatched but I haven’t the faintest idea what will happen yet.

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