Friday, November 30th, 2007

Google GDrive


If you have been looking for online storage to either back up your computer, or simply need some supplemental space for your large collection of photos or digital music, Google’s new GDrive service may be of use to you.

Google GDrive... for Real?!?

The talk of Google GDrive has been around for a while now, but could it actually be on its way finally? Tuesday morning the Wall Street Journal published an article on the future Google service.

Users will be able to access the stored data using any internet connection through multiple PC’s or mobile devices, and will also have the ability to share files with friends. Access is secure and a login and password will be required.

The new GDrive service is not available just yet, but is expected to be offered sometime in 2008.

There are many online storage options already available online include Omnidrive, Box, Xdrive, and Windows Live SkyDrive (beta). Most offer a base amount of storage for free, then charge for larger requirements. Costs range from $9.95/month for 50 gigs with Xdrive, to $199 per year for 50 Gigs with Omnidrive.

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  1. Technophiliac

    In addition to the service mentioned above, you might want to check out ElephantDrive. Their Home program is actually $9.95 for unlimited storage, so it looked like a better deal and I went with them.

    So far, great for PC – they still need to work on the Mac stuff…

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