Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Apple Patent Application for Multi-Touch Mouse

In a story totally unrelated to SEO but just geeky enough that I HAD to post it – Apple’s patent application surfaced today for a mouse that has a built-in multi-touch surface similar to the screen on the Apple iPhone.
This peek at an advanced mouse from Apple gives some insight into the company’s incredible imagination and impressive research and development department.
This multi-touch technology is also expected to debut over the next year by Microsoft code named ‘Milan’. Coined as “surface computing,” Microsoft’s Milan computing interface is extremely impressive. Scott Van Achte wrote about surface computing a month ago, but here is a direct link to a preview of this very cool new technology.

2 Responses to “Apple Patent Application for Multi-Touch Mouse”

  1. Surface Computing

    The link to the patent application is broken.

    Also, keep in mind, it’s a published patent application, not a patent. Also, the date of publication is not the date on which it was filed. If it was published today, it was probably filed 18 months ago.

  2. Ross Dunn

    Thanks for the catch! I made the changes to the post.


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