Friday, July 7th, 2006

Webster Dictionary Officializes "Google"


Well it is all over the ‘net (see news search). The term “Googled” has been officially acknowledged by the granddaddy of dictionaries; check out the official Google definition page.

Now that you have seen the definition you may have spotted what made me laugh… Webster uses Adsense both below and to the right of all definitions within its site. I guess that quells any dissenters to this literary addition; Google really is everywhere.

2 Responses to “Webster Dictionary Officializes "Google"”

  1. searchenginefeeds

    It’s kinda funny, Websters also uses ‘Ads by Google’ on their definition pages.

    They even use them on the Encyclopedia Britanica site.

    Wonder how much those ads generate?

  2. Peter Brook

    I wander if Webster has also added Organic spam in its Dictionary , better if it refer with google referring through Irrelevancy, Organicspam as related word, (not an exaggeration..i thought!)

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