Thursday, July 27th, 2006

SEO RFP :: Request for Proven Multi-Language SEO Company


It is our policy at StepForth to try and help out anyone who calls and is searching for a service that we either do not provide or we cannot offer at the level they are requesting. To this end I would like to put out a request for companies with proven multi-language content development services and foreign SEO experience.

The prospect that contacted us is looking for rankings within the major European markets as well as Japan. Native language content creation will be required for each country.

Reply by Creating a Comment for this Posting: If you represent a qualified company please create a comment for this posting: the prospect in question is going to be keeping tabs on this posting and will reply if there is interest. Please DO NOT contact StepForth directly.

Please provide at least:

  • Your company name,
  • Languages you can optimize for,
  • Your website address and a link to your proven results,
  • Finally please note your name and number so that the prospect can contact you directly.

SEO RFP Request posted by StepForth Search Engine Placement Inc.

3 Responses to “SEO RFP :: Request for Proven Multi-Language SEO Company”

  1. TopRank

    I would recommend without question, Andy Atkins Kruger and his team can pretty much handle any European language SEO you can throw their way.

  2. Steven Turnipseed

    We are a US based company and currently have SEO campaigns in Russia, China, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia & New Zealand, Mexico, Spain and Italy. In addition to these, we are starting new campaigns in Portugal, Germany and France. We have the resources for Japan and other European countries.

    My name is Steven and our website is

  3. Anonymous

    I have a client that needs promotion in Poland, hungry, Slovakia and the Ukraine.

    As it is a new business she doesn’t what to spend a huge on ppc and seo but needs to target the European market as this is where the dominant business is.

    Her site would be similar to

    However with flash.

    Please advise.



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