Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Google Engineer Goes "Live" with SEO Answers


Where better to get SEO tips than Google Engineer Matt Cutts? Matt’s blog is certainly no secret in the world of SEO but he is starting to offer his sage advice using a method that offers a refreshing break from reading blog postings; video. Last week Matt posted some answers to common SEO questions using Google Video. Check out Matt’s blog posting where he offers tips on:

The videos are Matt’s ‘beta’ launch of this form of update but I think he did a pretty decent job for the first time out. I hope you enjoy them. I urge you to leave a comment on his post – he is positively itching for feedback I am sure. :-)

PS. I was practically pressing “POST” on this blog when I noticed that Matt had, just 30 minutes ago posted another set of live SEO answers. Enjoy!

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  1. Auliya

    A friend from seo guy forums has been transcribing them into english for those who have a hard time understanding Matt’s speach.. I dont want you thinkin this is spam so i wont live link it, you can make the link live if you want. www .viperchill. com/articles

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