Wednesday, November 26th, 2003

Mention my Member Again and Get a Prick to the Head!


Spam makes lots of people angry. Lots of spam makes certain people too angry to control themselves as was found by a Victoria company earlier this week. Douglas Mackay, president of DM Contact Management was repeatedly threatened by a man in southern California who had received one too many penis enlargement spam emails, and mistakenly targeted DM Contact Management as the senders. Since the spring time, Douglas Mackay has received strange and threatening emails from Charles Booher, a 44 year old computer programmer in Sunnyvale California. Booher was frustrated by the same level of spam we are all frustrated by except Booher foolishly decided to try to scare Mackay’s company into making the spam stop. Problem is, Mackay’s company never sent the offending emails in the first place. Booher said he would, torture Mackay with an ice pick, deliver an envelope full of anthrax spores to his office and disable him with a bullet to the knee-caps. He was arrested earlier this week and could face up to five years in jail and a $250,000 fine. According to the Globe and Mail newspaper, “…News accounts say that Mr. Booker is a survivor of testicular cancer, and therefore found repeated messages dealing with penile extension ‘frustrating.’”.

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    Poor guy. He was frustrated! Unfortunately for him, he went about this the wrong way. Who benifits here? The government does. He gets prosecuted, and we get to foot the bill to jail him. Yet another example of stupidity on all parts. Drop the charges, and let the man get on with his life I say. Make him apologise to the president of the penis enlargement firm, and get over it. Prosecute the people who send spam in the first place. Where is the common sense here?

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