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Tips for Your Next Trip to Victoria BC

This is slightly off topic in terms of web marketing but StepForth is a Victoria BC company through-and-through and we all feel like ambassadors to this great Canadian city. As a result, I recently provided some advice to a client on what to do when he visited Victoria. Apparently, I (Ross Dunn, CEO) was bang-on and he valued my tips a great deal so what the heck, why not share?! If you are heading to Victoria BC I hope these tips help you have a more enjoyable vacation:

  • Butchart Gardens is a must! If you can time your visit so that you get to stay and watch the fireworks on Saturday nights, it will be worth your while.
  • The Royal BC Museum is world famous and at the moment has an amazing exhibit that is about to tour North America called “Treasures” but if that has passed there are always amazing exhibits to enjoy there:

  • Whale watching in Victoria is legendary. Check out for a fantastic trip. If you are coming to Victoria from Vancouver then Prince of Whales has a pretty amazing offer where they will take you from downtown Vancouver all the way to downtown Victoria while also providing a wildlife and whale watching tour. It is 4 hours but it would be a whole lot more enjoyable than taking the ferry (in my opinion): note that this is setup as a single day round-trip tour but just talk to a representative and I am sure they can setup a one-way journey no problem: toll-free 1-888-383-4884
  • The Empress Hotel is where the Queen stays when she visits Victoria. It is very fancy and an enjoyable walk-through. Beware of the high tea… lots of people say it is a “must” to do, and perhaps it is a talking point, but it is WAYY over priced (now $55 – that is INSANE!)
  • For dinner here are my favourite fine dining establishments (I am a bit of a foodie):
    Cafe Brio ( – I go there occasionally for romantic dinner with my wife, Camille’s Restaurant ( – outstanding food and service, Pescatores Seafood & Grill ( – my favourite seafood restaurant, and lastly Nautical Nellies ( – another fabulous seafood restaurant.
  • If it is a nice day I highly recommend walking along Government St. and enjoying a coffee or an ice cream. It is often bustling that time of year with great buskers and it has excellent outdoor pubs such as the Irish Times and the Bard and Banker Public House (both based in very historic buildings on Gov’t St.)
  • Take a harbour tour on one of the Victoria Harbour Ferries:

  • As one of the first trading outposts on the North-West coast, Victoria has a lot of history and it’s share of enjoyable ghost stories. If the night is fair there are great walking tours available:

  • Looking for Accommodations? Depending on what you are willing to spend and where you want to stay here are some suggestions:Accent Inns Victoria BC Hotel Run by a great local family this hotel is located just outside of town right next to some premier shopping and is clean, comfortable and inexpensive. The Ocean Pointe Resort This resort is beautiful and located just across the harbor so it looks across the classic Victoria skyline. The price is moderate to high but it includes many amenities.
  • Lastly, come by and visit StepForth Web Marketing Inc.! StepForth is located in the beautiful Fernwood area of Victoria just 10 minutes from town at #2 – 1358 Gladstone Ave. The Fernwood area is brimming with history; even the building StepForth is in is over a hundred years old (very old for this 150 year old province!).

For more tourist information about Victoria BC go to the Tourism Victoria website

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