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Scott Van Achte

Name: Scott Van Achte
Senior SEO
With StepForth Since:

What is your role at StepForth?

I have been with StepForth since January of 2003. As Senior SEO, I oversee most consulting contracts and SEO projects within the company while keeping an open line of friendly communication with all clients.  I love the variety in this profession. While the fundamentals are generally the same from one contract to the next, being able to work on such a wide variety of websites exposes me to new and interesting things all the time.
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A Few Questions for Scott

Scott, what do you enjoy the most about working at StepForth Web Marketing?

I thoroughly enjoy working with my peers at StepForth. The high level of camaraderie and friendships I have developed among my co-workers has made it an enjoyable atmosphere and workplace.

What have you learned lately and what are you learning on a regular basis?

I keep current with industry standards and practices by being active in the search engine forums, SEO news publications and by trying new techniques to drive sites to the top of the rankings. I am also interested in learning more about web analytics, site usability and design.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

When I am not busy working, I enjoy spending time with my wife Lyndsay, daughter Emma, and newborn son Ethan. When I am able to get out of the house I enjoy, golfing, biking, and kayaking. Really, just about anything outdoors is fair game to fill my very limited free time. Like many I also love to travel, but do not get the opportunity all that often. So far Hawaii, Mexico, California & Barbados are on my been-to list, but I would definitely like to make my way to Europe, Thailand, and even Dubai some day.



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