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Ross Dunn

Position: CEO, Founder & Owner
[ross at stepforth dot com]
Created StepForth: September 1997

Ross Dunn was runner-up for the Victoria Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2009

What is your role at StepForth?

My role at StepForth is one of many hats. Since I have done nearly every job at StepForth at one time or another so I find myself assisting my staff or building new services and packages to keep up with the latest trends in web marketing.

I am a writer for several blogs and a print magazine, I am the co-host of a popular Internet radio show called SEO 101 on WebmasterRadio.FM, I offer free SEO and web marketing training classes, I travel to industry conferences and so so much more.  Honestly I don’t know where I find the time to eat and see my beautiful family!

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Ross Dunn, SEO Veteran

A Few Questions for Ross

Ross, what do you enjoy the most about working at StepForth Web Marketing?

I love the rush that comes from being at the forefront of the web marketing marketplace. Few things get me more excited than learning new disciplines and keeping up with the joneses. Along with the excitement comes the awesome team I have! This team makes going to work fun. I especially enjoy the fun and sarcastic comedy that seems to permeate this place. Good people coupled with a great industry – what more could I ask for?

What have you learned lately and what are you learning on a regular basis?

If I could main-line knowledge I would… I am firmly addicted to it. I live and breathe the National Geographic channel, the Discovery Channel; any channel that offers a visual experience coupled with awesome knowledge. From a business standpoint I am constantly learning about various web marketing methodologies from my peers in the industry through their detailed articles and social postings. I suppose if I had to pick one topic that has really gotten my interest lately it would be social networking.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

My wife, Sara, and I are enjoying the bewildering world of new parenthood which has literally swept away 99% of our free time. That said, we enjoy spending time together for dinners in the rare couple moments we get and we love spending time with our friends and family as often as possible.

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