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Denis Stenderchuck

Name: Denis Stenderchuck
Position: In-House Web Developer
With StepForth Since: 2008

What is your role at StepForth?

Hi, I’m Denis Stenderchuck and working in StepForth as tech. guy. I do programming, web site administration and design, and other technical tasks. So if you need a custom solution or a tweak on your site, that’s my job, and I’ll do my best to make sure that you get what expect and more.

A Few Questions for Denis

Denis, what do you enjoy the most about working at StepForth Web Marketing?

It’s good to be part of team of professionals who work hard to get the best results! My job here is versatile and interesting, so there is no time to become bored.

What have you learned lately and what are you learning on a regular basis?

I need to keep learning all of the time; life without obtaining knowledge is not nearly as interesting. So it’s hard to emphasize something specifically. e.g. recently I was engaged in code hacking for Joomla and WordPress, learning Google API, etc. On regular basis I’m learning a wide variety of things, it depends on the tasks I am required to solve. In my spare time I am learning Gnome/GTK+ programming to support the Linux OS I’m using as my desktop.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

Photography, camping, gardening, biking and travelling are just a few of the things I enjoy outside. But photography and gardening are my biggest hobbies, I never leave home without my camera because I never know what might come my way in any given day. My wife and I love to grow almost everything on our garden using only natural methods; we grow everything from veggies to fruits, flowers and even waterplants – this way I have more things to photograph as well 😉  I am also running a few online projects and supporting the Open-Source movement anyway that I can.

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