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Step 3. Web Marketing Review

Step 3. Web Marketing Review

The Review

Step 2 provided us with a grasp of your website’s marketing readiness and effectiveness. The purpose of the Web Marketing Review is to evaluate every type of web marketing you have done and are doing now for your website. This information will complete the picture of your current web marketing profile. Once we complete this 3rd step of the 6 Step Plan we will have all we need to create a powerful web strategy for you.

The Web Marketing Review may include rigorous analysis of any of the following marketing vehicles:

Link Building Campaigns

We will evaluate the quality of the links you have received to date according to your historical link building records and compare that to the expense. Note: At the end of every component analyzed there will be recommendations for ongoing strategy. Additional link building strategies or tweaks to the current campaign(s) may be recommended; some may come from the findings of the competitor analysis.

Do you have any more questions about how we work? We are an open book. Please do not hesitate to call us or email us with your questions: see our contact page.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Review

Our PPC Specialist will personally review your entire campaign and history to evaluate how it can be more profitable.

Web Display Advertising Review

Banner or link advertising will be reviewed for effectiveness.

Social Media Optimization

The historical productivity of your social media marketing will be reviewed to determine what has and has not provided value for your time and money.