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6 Step Plan

6 Step Plan


These 6 steps are a powerful combination of services designed to virtually guarantee web marketing success. The 6 Step Plan for Web Marketing Success was created by StepForth’s CEO, Ross Dunn (over 11 years of experience in web marketing) and his veteran web marketing staff. Here is a quick overview of each of the steps. Just click on the title of a particular step if you would like more information.

The Steps for Web Marketing Success:

1. Competitor Analysis

There is no use reinventing the wheel. Competitor analysis is the first of the 6 steps to web marketing success because understanding how your competitor’s have succeeded online can help you avoid the costly trial and error of testing strategies that do not work. After we disassemble your competition’s web marketing we will outline in clear detail what they have done right to be worthy of your scrutiny.

This intelligence will play a critical role in creating the custom web strategy that will serve as your map to online success.

2. WebSite Audit

Once we have deconstructed your competitor’s web marketing techniques (Step 1) we need to become intimately aware of current state of optimization for your website and the advantages and disadvantages of the website for future marketing.

Upon completion of this step we will have a significantly clearer picture of the current status of your website and another step closer to creating the ultimate Custom Web Strategy (Step 4).

3. Web Marketing Review

Step 2 provided us with a grasp of your website’s marketing readiness and effectiveness. The purpose of the Marketing Review is to evaluate all elements of your web marketing plan to complete the picture of your current web marketing profile.

For example, we will review your pay-per-click marketing strategy, any applicable banner advertising, link building campaigns and any applicable social marketing campaigning you have completed to date. Once we complete this 3rd step of the 6 Step Plan we will have all we need to create a powerful web strategy for you.

4. Custom Web Strategy

The data accumulated in Steps 1 through 3 will be used by StepForth staff to formulate a clear and concise Custom Web Strategy that will act as blueprints to provide powerful short term and long term success.

5. Website Optimization

Now it is time to implement the list of web site optimization solutions the Custom Web Strategy clearly outlines. The solutions, based on ethical guidelines set by the search engines themselves, will provide some or all of the following benefits:

  • Increased search engine rankings
  • Increased return on investment from visitors
  • Improved visitor tracking and reporting
  • Improved access for search engines to previously inaccessible areas of your website

6. Reputation Enhancement

Reputation Enhancement is a term used to describe the wide array of strategies that may be used to increase the reputation of your web site to prospective visitors/buyers and search engines. The strategies recommended at this stage usually include elements of social media marketing, link building, reputation monitoring, just to name a few.

To learn more about these steps we offer details starting with Step 1 – The Competitor Analysis